Monday, February 4, 2008

One In A Million Season 2

One in a Million???
Hi Everyone..One In A Million is one of Malaysian Top reality programme that will produce high quality artist..but somehow,,..i think that this reality programme bit bios and sometimes we cant see the quality because the judgement still using sms..which means , if you like the singer you can vote and if you don't like, just vote out...

OIAM season 1 showed that the winner is Suki, runner up, Faizal, third, Aliff, and 4th was Dayang Nurfaezah.. I really did not statisfied during this season because i think that suki didn't deserved to win..I vote for Dayang..Maybe suki suppose to be number 2..ha..ha..but that was my opinion..

OIAM season 2 shows a great competition because there was pro artist but didn't done their best..1 .In this Seasoe..I vote for Ayu and Sarah... and i relly hope that Ayu manage to win this competition> Sarah jus number 2 because she already an artist and rich

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