Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is my prayer..He is My Best Friend


I wanted to be closer to you…

I wanted you to be my best friend…

I’ve just started my habit to make an effort to be closer to you, but honestly, these past few days I’ve been feeling tired, lacking enthusiasm to be closer to you as if I am being tempted by evil to lose interest in you. But Lord, I wouldn’t want to make this an excuse to fulfill my desire for you to be my best friend. I believe that just like any other friendship, ours is also being tested. And since I don’t know what kind of right words should fit in while I was praying this morning, I’ve decided to write my thoughts because you designed me to be good in writing…

I’m sorry if you might think I’m praying because of obligation. I might be like that before, but believe me Lord, I’m changing my habits in an effort to draw closer to you because I know your will is the best, and I have no option in life but to live in accordance to your will, since being in track on your ways wouldn’t make me feel lost.

But sometimes Lord, I don’t understand why you insist some people to draw closer to you, you even give me pain for me to realize that you’re my Savior but you don’t respond to all my thoughts, my prayers and feelings and this makes me lose enthusiasm to pray more because it is as if I am talking with no one—not an imaginary friend, but a non-existing “friend”.

All I want for you to do my Lord is to speak up, respond to all my prayers, like a friend, say what you feel, give your opinion regarding my confusions. Please don’t take it against me Lord, I know that you love me so much and you wouldn’t want me to be lost in your direction so please Lord, all I’m asking is to reply on my prayers… I don’t care whether it’d be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, all I need to know is your will regarding my prayers.

Surely Lord, you have wonderful reasons in all your decisions… and I don’t want to be deprived of knowing these wonderful things. Revealing me these things might not be the right time today but I will wait patiently… because I know you’re just testing my trust and faith in you, which will serve as our strong foundation for a closer friendship.

Thank you Lord because while I was writing this prayer, I have already felt you speaking on me. Don’t worry Lord; it will be all worth the wait if the outcome would be a better friendship with you. Just be sure Lord to take things surely… never keep me lost Lord. From now on, I surrender my entire self to you, that you would take care of me and lead me into the right direction all the days of my life because I know I am strongest when you’re with me all the way.

Thank you Lord that inspite of all these things, you’re always there for me. And so I surrender my whole being to you, and in return, I might have a closer bond with you not just as a slave, but also a friend. Please accept my offer, my whole being for a better friendship with you.

All these things I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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