Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Faith of my Hearts

I am standing here, along with my one true friend..
Deep inside I know, we will always be till the end..
We were only 7, maybe 6 when we meet each other..
Still, I guess that's when I think life gets better..
It was about fifteen years ago, but it feels so close,
In our hearts, our friendship is what matters most..
I still remember our old days, I remember it well..
I'm happy to have you, though my life's like hell..
It was back in 1991, when this friendship begins..
Yet, I know I have done lots of wrongs and sins..
From then on, I got a caring shoulder to lean on..
If you remember you were the one I depend upon..

Our naivety and innocence surpasses all boundaries,
and nothing else matters, as long as we are friends..
I have suffered and tormented by my demons inside,
but no punishment is too harsh when you are there..
I'm not sure if I ever say this, but I will by now;
being with you is the only time I feel truly happy..
Still, I'll always regret those times I have wasted,
for I was foolish, unaware of the time and the tide..
You're always there for me, through thick and thin,
yet I was blind, and oh so foolish I didn't realize..
I guess you should know by now, that I am sorry,
I promise from this moment, we will always be one..

My sorry and my regrets might come way too late..
So I guess, I can't really blame on my cruel fate..
Even as we grow, I didn't notice how foolish I am..
And I guess it makes my miserable life so damned..
Life has never been so kind, but you are my friend..
You are my shoulder to cry on, and an ear to lend..
But the truth is, I feel deeply blessed inside of me..
You are now here with me, forever and ever will be..
Now I know, there's nothing that could divide us..
Even if I must defy and fight against the universe..
So here we stand, shoulder to shoulder, still as one..
Our faith inside shall live for eternity, like the sun..

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