Friday, June 13, 2008

The fuel prices hike, everything going high

When the PM announced the fuel prices hike …..(When is it?) Forget already, last Thursday??? , is it a big shocked to the people and also to me (even I’m a grapper(penganggur).. he..he..). Can you imagine the petrol and diesel’s prices going too high…. Malaysian people was too worried about this issue.. The prices was jumping almost 50% ( petrol was 41 % and diesel was 60++ %).
When I’m walking along the crowd of people or dining in the restaurant, everyone talking about this. So sometimes , I’m took part of their discussion. Some of them leading with my opinion and some of them, was too stupid because pretending and agreeing with this hot issue. It is not simple man. We have to think which one better and which one bad.
When the fuel prices hike, so everything also going high. This morning, I was using bus to my work place. Before this the fare was 50 cent, this morning, it was RM 1
( Likas Square to Kota Kinabalu). I also took a breakfast at my favorite restaurant this morning. The Teh Tarik was RM 1. 30 before, but now, it was RM 1.50. The rice also hiking from RM 10.00 per kilo to RM 17.50 per kilo. The school fares also hiking. It was happened to my young sister. The fare was RM 50 before but it was RM 120 per month starting from next month. How stupid is it?
I think that, it is a big trouble to the people. I was reading the Daily express just now; the PM announced that the government salaries will be in two parts from august. The salaries will be paid on the middle of the month and in the end of the month. The purpose is to help the people to plan their money usage. Is this the solution?? NO!!!! it is a big trouble to the people. It is better if the salaries paid every day…so that people can plan their daily money planning. Wakakakakaka…Stupid la if like this right.

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