Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Congratulation Sabah, Malaysia…DANNY GRABS FOURTH PLACE

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s top mountain runner Danny Kuilin finished fourth at the 61st Mt Fuji International Mountain Race in Japan, while her compatriot Safrey Sumping managed 30th place in his debutante outing.
Both, Danny, 42 and Safrey, 25 represented Malaysia in the race which attracted 3,200 runners in the men’s and women’s categories.
The race which was held on July 25 and flagged off at Fujiyoshida City Hall, finished at the peak of Mt Fuji, covering a distance of 21km at a height of 3,776m.
Both the men’s and women’s categories were won by Japanese runners and they will be coming for the Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon next month.
Danny who hails from Kg Nadau, Tamparuli, when met on arrival at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) on Monday night said she was satisfied to finish fourth, although her target was third.
“Last year I also finished fourth, and this year I wanted to improve my position, but was hampered by the scorching heat during the race day which affected my performance,” said Danny who works as a farmer.
“I was confident of finishing in the top 10, because I was eyeing third spot, but my chances were ruined due to a slight technical fault during the training session because I ran too far and the next morning during the race I was still feeling tired,” said Danny who was greeted by her family members and relatives at the airport.
However, she said she was happy with her achievement because she had done the best that she could for her family, supporters, Sabah Tourism Board and Malaysia, in general.
Danny who has been a regular participant in the Climbathon over the last 10 years said during the Mt Fuji Race she managed to overtake four runners in front of her before reaching the finish line.
“I made my debut in the Mt Fuji Race in 2005 and I finished 18th and this year was my third participation in the one way uphill race,” she said.
Safrey who works as a mountain guide in Kinabalu Park and hails from Kg Himbaan, Bundu Tuhan was happy to finish 30th out of 3,200 runners.
“I think the toughest part of the race was somewhere in the middle of the route because the ground there was very sandy and had a lot of pebbles which affected my footing,” he said.
During the trip in Japan, the two runners were accompanied by this year’s Climbathon Race Director Balwant Singh Klear and Organising Secretary Zachary Mobijohn.
Source: News Sabah Times

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