Friday, August 29, 2008

Indonesian-Sabah Cultural Night Dinner with Yuni Shara, Linda Nanuwil dan Clarice John Matta, 28th August 2008

me..bergambar di di depan banner..hehe

c linda bh ne..kurus suda dia..tapi lawa kan...

bergambar dengan pelakon indon..pelakon dan model..sempat juga..ahahaha

linda dan clarice john matta

jaga jatuh kama...hehe

clarice,yuni shara, bossing, bandzey and linda.sia rasa macam sia pun artis ne..ahahaha

sia dengan ehem...aseh..c linda bei

sia dengan c Yuni Shara...aseh..kakak c Kris dayanti tu

linda....senyum lagi ko..ahahaha

me and lindaaaa..macam ada skandal kan..padan ka??

wow..ok komen..hehe


c nda tau, bossing and madelyn nandu..ahaha,,.model bh tu..

rounah, bossing and Kimberly

linda on stage

pelakon indon and me..model bh juga durang tu pula..

I gonna say wow to this dinner..hehe, it was successfully organized. It was a perfect event. Congrats to Sri Pelancongan and Sabah Tourism. Even, I’m so tired after the event, but I’m happy. Satu pengalaman yang sangat berharga.

The happiest moment was, when the artists and model handled by us. I have the opportunity taking picture with them. May be, korang lum kenal dengan Yuni Shara kan.. Yuni Shara is the sister of Kris Dayanti. She is one of the famous singers in Indonesia. Every of you know Linda and Clarice…Linda was the first runner up of the Reality Programme, Akademi Fantasia, and Clarice John Matta is a famous Dusun Local Artis..


maslight said...

I saw banner but I can't seem to find details about this event. Anyways wuah macam best!

Carmelliny said...

wah..bestnya ko dpt p tguk..jeles sa..c kimmy mcm berisi dh skit kn..