Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prima Vista Quartet - 20th Nov 2008

to A Musical Enchanment with the


Date : 20th November 2008 (Next thursday)

Time : 7:30pm

Venue : Recital Hall, UMS, Kota Kinabalu

An evening of European (Poland) grandeur and chamber music, performed by one of the most outstanding musical ensembles in the world, the Prima Vista Quartet. The polish quartet will mesmerize you with masterpieces from classical music legends such as Mozart, Chopin and Vivaldi. The Quartet has performed around the world including Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, France, Canada & South Korea and making deut right hera in Kota Kinabalu!

Bah for those who love this kind of music or interested to come, please do :) ..but let me know ya! Free entrance charges, just bring your self and enjoy the music :P promosi la ni yooo....

Any information..please contact Fidelis through 088232121. During Opis Hour sija taau...


Carmelliny said...

mcm best ja nie..hehe..

kukuanga said...

astaga... asataga... mesti datang ini.. open to the public, compeletely no charge? dress code?

bosing said...

ya free tu..ko cri sia sija..088232121 untuk pertanyaan lanjut