Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Congrats to my Little Sister

Hi, i just want to congratulate my little sister Monica, coz qualified as one of the Honda Dream Fund Scholarship.

"The Honda Dreams Fund is a community project under the Honda Global Philanthropy Initiative. It was first developed in 2007 as part of Honda’s corporate social responsibility in Malaysia. The Honda Dreams Fund project is a joint effort between Honda Malaysia and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – an executive board within the United Nations General Assembly.

The Honda Dreams Fund focuses on helping underprivileged youths by providing them with the opportunity to pursue higher education and skills training in Malaysian colleges, universities as well as vocational institutions. Scholarships are awarded to promising students who fit the selection criteria set by Honda and UNDP. Since its inception in 2007, a total of 40 scholarships have been awarded; 20 in 2007 and another 20 in 2008. The 40 candidates who have received these scholarships are now pursuing their respective courses throughout Malaysia.

Honda’s belief in ‘The Power of Dreams’ also extends to giving others the opportunity to pursue their own dreams. The Honda Dreams Fund was initiated to offer unprivileged youths the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. With the skills and knowledge obtained from their studies, Honda hopes that these youths will realise their potential in helping society, and contribute further towards building a brighter future. It is Honda’s believe that the joy of sharing ‘The Power of Dreams’ is one factor in making it an organisation that society wants to exist."

Hope that you can fulfill the dream.. God Bless




Kengkaru Kong said...

Send my "Congratulation" to your sister Bos. She deserve the best!

Good luck for her!

bosing said...

thanks bosss...i'll tell her..