Friday, February 13, 2009

Joke for Today....enjoy your day.....

i dunno, what happened today, the day not smiling at many in my kepala hotak..ada kawan sia yg married, havin problem wif their family, and then sia pula macam teda mood, pas tu...sia pun tida tau..serba nda kena sija..
but this is joke for today.

I love tennis!

Latest BBQ accessories ^.^ must have!

Proof of global warning -.-"

how to make angry pple smile :)

Hun, lemme explain! (not my case ahh haha)

O.O are u sure??!!

Not my sex life -.-"

How was your cereal this morning? ^.^

Tattoo of the year o.0

It's going to be real HURT!! >.<

Privacy pls...-.-"

Bad spelling but it works! :)

This is how to say 'sorry' effectively! :)

This is how 'sad' is look like :(

Great ideas! ^.^

A very SEXY PUSSY!!! :P

& the last one:

erm.. not in my case ahh -.-"

ngeh! ngeh! ngeh!

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