Thursday, February 5, 2009

Talk about orchid?- actually, i like orchid..haha

Recently, me and my team hosted an event (adalah event tu..huhu) , i took the opportunity to survey the Taman Orchid. I was so excited coz my favorite lovely orchid was there..i dunno la the name.. but it is the type of slippery orchid.. actually, i want to have it but..too expensive.. so never mind la.. i just have the picture la... ( alala...time bulan 2 bulan valentine, semua urang admire tu bunga ros..sia sija yang sot sikit, gila bunga orkid..wakakaka..nda pa la)

this one nice ow..only can found in Sabah especially Crocker Range and Kinabalu Park..endemic wonder la mahal..haha

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