Saturday, March 14, 2009

Linangkit Cultural Village, Tuaran - What Inside!!!!

Ya..this is Linangkit Cultural Village.. .. you guys been here before ka? mesti mau pg ne tau..

kraftangan tradisional semua ne..
Koleksi Barangan dulu-duluuu...

sempat menari lagi poco-poco..haha
naaa.. sama penyanyi Sayang Itu Masa... kio Kandawai...

bahar and Linopot
manga Rojak and bambangan....

Kopiranggaian do Kinorikatan or Welcome in Lotud. Situated at the heartland of the Lotud people; the district of Tuaran, the Linangkit Cultural Village offers authentic insight of the culture, food and heritage of the Lotud people.

Linangkit Cultural Village is located at Kampung Selupoh, in the District of Tuaran; approximately an hour drive from Kota Kinabalu.

In Linangkit Cultural Village, visitors can experience the culture and the tradition of the Lotud people, which has been preserved and passed down from the older generation to the younger generation.

Visitors can grasp first hand experience on the daily life of the Lotud, and various exhibitions has been set up for better understanding of the culture and the lifestyle of the Lotud.

The cultural village also offers various cultural performances, i.e. traditional music instruments, dance and songs. The visit will not be complete, unless you try some of the local delicacies.

Linangkit Cultural Village offers various packages for visitors to the village :

1] Package 1 [RM65] : - cultural show (local ethnic dance)
- local food
- welcome drinks

2] Package 2 [RM85] : - cultural show (local ethnic dance)
- local food
- welcome drinks
- mock wedding

3] Package 3 [RM150] : - cultural show (local ethnic dance)
- local food
- welcome drinks
- cultural show
- mock wedding
- lotud ritual demonstration

4] River Cruise [RM25] : - 8-10 pax
- BBQed corn, tapioca and local freshly brewed coffee
- 40 minutes - 1 hour river cruise on a raft

Apart from the above packages, we also provide other packages/services, i.e. hall rental [accomodates 150-200 pax], wedding package, student/educational package, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our packages/services.

Linangkit Cultural Village,
Kampung Selupoh,
P.O. Box 508, 89208 Tuaran,
Sabah, Malaysia.

e-mail :

tel : +6088 787 382

: +6013 880 3738

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