Monday, May 25, 2009

Terminologies used in “Moginum” Culture

Aanau – Plain taste of tapai

Asalit- Sweet-bitter taste of tapai

Biris- an offer as respect to particular person which would be given priority to be the next to drink

Birisai – a request asking the particular person to sign up as the next participant in drinking the particular jar.

Dandaon – a sort of punishment to a biris that had violated the condition set by the host.

Kada Kodongo – an instruction or warning not to pull up the sisiop

Topunan – a curse like personal impairment and susceptibility to negative forces befalling to anyone who refuse an offer of drink or food during the ceremony. (The curse may manifest itself in an accident , cuts and wounds, bites by venomous animals, etc.

Lundus- a process or non stop sucking the liquor.

Mogolidus – sweet sour taste of the tapai.

Mongompodu langsat – bitter taste of tapai

Narasak – a situation whereby the water had subsided pass the sonson.

Oonsom – sour taste of tapai

Palus / pusas / panganas – bits of salted meat and other thirst provoking dainties and snacks which are picked now and then and eaten during drinking.

Pomurut-murut poh – a polite instruction or directive asking the particular person to take the palus, pusas or panganas.

Puun- the person who starts the first one to drinking from the particular jar.

Siapai-siapai poh – an instruction or directives to suck or little bit more for the finishing sign has not been met yet.

Tunguhai – request to have more water poured inside the jar after the drinker have sucked and reached the tonduk.

sia nda tau butul ka tida..sia dapat dri Kaamaatan Souvenir Book 2008..

sekian saja....


Ned said...

adidididdidi.. tatap aramaiti juga punya term ah... hehehe

AngeL BeaR said...

mau di keep track ni istilah2 dia ni tau hujung minggu ni byk tu kena guna ahahahahaa~

Bossing said...

ya bha...nanti sia teray2 cari beberapa istilah lagi.