Sunday, June 21, 2009

3rd KK Jazz Festival

The crowds... huh.. this year is much-much better.. Congratulation to the organizer.. At least i was in front suddenly and my freak dance yg stail kampung-kampung keluar juga..wakakaka
The acapella group all way from KL.. hmmm actually, this group perform well, but the audience really need the jazz music.. kalau 3 lagu, maybe enjoy, but bila terlalu banyak lagu.. the audience mula la komplen.. sampai ada yg d belakang cakap, "We Want No More..." maybe kan.. 3 lagu cukup untuk acapella, the other song, maybe flavoured with soft jazzy music. bukan komplen ni, but memang betul bah..
My pebret on that night.. all your song nice bah.. hehe.. the audience was enjoy and every time he end the song, rounded with big applause and of course " We Want More"

Both nights was soo..soo..soo great.. but, why la the audience tida kena suruh duduk di kerusi? i understand each chair costed RM100, but some of it empty after 1 hour the show.. so maybe ok juga bah kalau suruh yang RM50 tickets duduk kan.. nda bagus nampak kusung-kusung.. hehe..

Kalau ada dance floor besar di tengah-tengah, huh, kompom ramai yang p menari.. anyway, the show was too great.. huh, i'm thinking for the Rainforest Music Festival? but i can't make it this year due to my busiest schedule.

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kuai said...

huh.. missed it again...>.<