Sunday, July 5, 2009

Condelence to the legendary Tingur Bulawan singer's Family

The first time heard this song, i really sure, it was a woman.. huh, with unique and beautiful voice, the singer was a man named Sakril Sidik. Sakril suffering from Thalasemia, and finally, he was called for eternal rest at the age of 24. May God Bless you.. and we always love you.


Felicia Nandu said...
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Bossing said...

sia nda tau plak bila... sia dapat dari blog kawan juga ni... sedih kan.. huhu.. RIP

Carmelliny said...

RIP..astaga sa bru nampk dia yg bln 5 time Gala Nite Unduk Ngadau sna limpas2 lagi dia..