Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

I tried my best to lose my belly.. tapi semakin bertambah pula.. sabar saja.. hehe

Everyone don't like belly fat.. same goes to me.. actually, i don't like this belly fat with me.. i wish to have 6 packs.. yeeeee.. ( but some people like belly fat.. hmm.. i don't know why la.. bantal kunun....haha) so here, i found some tips to lose belly fat.. i hope it works to me la.. These tips will definitely get you on track to your weight loss goal.

Tip Number 1 - Do not try to lose weight or belly fat with a crash diet. Crash diets do not teach you healthy eating habits. These diets in general make most people gain weight in the end.

Tip Number 2 - Eat a mix of healthy fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains, and fiber. These foods will help you with you weight loss goal. These foods are normally lower in fats and sugar promoting a lower calorie intake.

Tip Number 3 - Portion Control is the key to healthy eating. No matter what foods you eat, if you eat too much it will give negative results. Eating small frequent meals will also help with portion control. It is recommended to eat four to six small meals a day.

Tip Number 4 - Exercise is a great way to burn calories. This will result in weight loss if you are controlling how much you eat in a day. You will also have more energy and feel better. Walking is a great low impact workout for everyone.

Tip Number 5 - Weight training is a good way to develop muscle. Muscles burn more calories than fat does even when your body is at rest. Small weights will tone muscles not bulk them up.

Tips Number 6 - Crunches are a good exercise that will target the belly fat. Crunches will strengthen the stomach muscles and promote better posture as well.

Tip Number 7 - Full body workouts such as swimming will work most muscles groups in the body. This will promote over all muscles tone and help lose belly fat.

Tip Number 8 - Cardio workouts are great for people who like running or biking. These will promote a healthy heart along with weight loss. This will also help rid the body of belly fat. You will feel stronger and healthier over all.

Tip Number 9 - Reduce Beer in your body!!! ( opps.. i'm sorry.. i'm disagree")

So lets us lose our belly fat.. and gain good health..(petang ni jogging truss)!!


kuai said...

all the best bossing!..

Bossing said...

thanks kuai.. tp nda pandai trun ni berat badan.. hahaha

Dean James said...

hi...bagus juga turun berat badan ni.saya buli tulung juga kalu ko mau...saya James ah...blogger sabah borneo travel and pictures...
ko pigi di sa handle bahagian tambunan papar keningau ni...james...

pasal yg dlm blog tu: ya beh ka ka...tambunan tu switzerland of the east kunun...ada tu di signboard dia tu..