Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playing Paint Ball at UMS ODEC

Last week, Sunday, 6/9/2009, i was at UMS ODEC with some of my officemate with a big mission.. haha.. we rockin' the Paint Ball..Yups.. on that day, i was so excited, and i really want to shoot someone..You must be very busy with your daily task in office.. same to me.. so i really want to stressed it all out, by playing Paint Ball.. Actually, Paint Ball is a safe game( as told by the instructor, she is my net friend actually.. MS AngelBear).. This is me & my friend, i'm wearing BBKK T-Shirt lor...blue one.. i like it..
This is my friend, doing their warm up.. common, do it man..
Both of them superb.. yups... got action.. the lady with sun glasses is one of the instructor.. The lady with blue scarf is my friend.. ceh.. you really rock in that image.. You got the style.. yeah.. but finally... was shoot and got some tattoos.. haha.. " Celaka, Tembak Perut".. haha.. i remember that phrase.
The Team doing their exercise,, warming Up
This is me.. in action.. haha, i was assigned as a runner.. penat juga la.. belari sana-sini...get ready....
me with the costume.. argghh.. my long sleeves.. macam kg-kg durang bilang.. thats not mine la.. i just borrowed it from my friend.. Next time, need to buy one set of Paint ball costume.. baru la...

Naahh.. the Boss giving instruction. cannot do this.. cannot do that.. bla..bla.. and bla.. haha.. actually, i know her.. she is Ms AngelBear.. one of the blogger.oppsss.. ko tegas pula kan.. hehehe
This is what we call teammate!we must plan before action.. During the warming up session, our group manage to complete the task gave by the marshall( butul kaini).
Yups, in the dangerous field, i was assigned as a runner.. Took the risk in a high spirit, and lastly, ended with a very fast breathing.. oh.. my asthma attacked me? hmmm... i manage to slow it down.. yeah..
This is the guy who shoot me.. see, i was aimed by him.. if i have a hand bomb on that time, ko la dulu sia kasi bom!.. haha.. men2 saja bah..
The shooter.. haha.. very pro.. The guy in black is Yahya.. ceh.. too brave, but you can't surpass our base.. rasain lo!! haha
This is our team.. hehe
I was told that the bullet's is 300 feet per second, if i not mistaken la.. imagine if the bullet alight in any part of your body.. huh.. Lebam bro....

Some details about Paintball:
Paintball is a sport in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a paintball) from a paintball marker.Paintball markers were originally powered by carbon dioxide cylinders, but the rise of electropnuematic markers made compressed air a necessary propellant for some. A line of Tippmann pump marker, the Tippmann C3, was powered by propane. It was made for players who did not have access to any Co2 or HPA fills. The gun wasn't very successful, and has since been discontinued.

The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association estimates that over 5.4 million people played the game in the United States in 2007, with over 1.9 million playing at least 15 times.
Games can be played either indoors or outdoors and take various forms which are generally divided between woodsball also known as bushball played in natural, wooded terrain and speedball played on a level, rectangular field covered with inflatable geometric shapes such as 'cans' and 3 sided pyramids.

Rules for playing paintball vary widely. The most common form involves two opposing teams seeking to capture their opponent's flag and return it to their starting position, but other objectives may include eliminating all of the other team's players, eliminating a specific player, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. Depending on the style of paintball played, a game can last from seconds to hours.

Paint Ball is good game for those who want to build a Team Building. To be a sucessfull paintballers, you need a good communication.. you should communicate with your team mate, and the most important thing is, you should form a proper plan & strategi.

What i can say after playing Paintball? i'm speechless.. its enjoy and wonderful, even i've wounded. I really statisfied.

In KK itself, we have a good paintball company , KK Paint Ball Centre, i would like to give my both hand thumbs up to them. I really admire the leadership and the way their organize the game.. and one thing, the person there very-very friendly..

For those who keen and interested in Paintball, please directly contact my friend,:

Gabrielle Sheila
Field Manager
Tel:088-727445 or 016-8459991
or email to: info@kkpaintballcentre.com.

For more details about the KK Paint Ball Centre, please visit :www.kkpaintballcentre.com

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AngeL BeaR said...

huaaa...nice photos la...ada masuk facebook ka ni? hihihih...anyway, nice to meet you, finally~ and also glad to know that you have an enjoyable time with us. Bah..next time sana KK Adventure Park lagi, macam??? =)

yuyuaaron said...

hi bossing!! thanks for coming and be part of the participant! enjoy having u guys n suma pun sangat friendly + sporting!

can i have some of your picture to put in our friendster? hope to see u again in our other field!


~Paintball is fun as long as you follow the safety rules~

Bossing said...

Yuyuaron a.k.a Miguel: hehe.. welkom2.. begia.. picture yang ugroup ka maksud ko? bah, nanti sia email ko few pictures la.. apa gia email tu ei.. hehe

Angelbear: hehehe.. nanti sia uplod kio.. sia pilih2 yang cantik dlu.. hehehe..

KK Adventure park? huh.. macam siuk.. bah, nanti sia, cari kamurang saja kio.. hehehe

yuyuaaron said...

heheh ko upload jak di facbook ko nanti sia download dari sana... ko add siurang