Monday, October 12, 2009

Kenny Sia, The Top Blogger of Malaysia

Yesterday, i checked my nuffnang, and suddenly, i saw Kenny Sia trough the Nuffnang Project Alpha. Kenny Sia a great blogger and he can get 200,000 over traffics per week. Hmmm.. thats superb man! He is creative, controvesial, active, nice, informative, cute, happy go lucky, friendly and etc...He write his blog in a diffrent way, he let his mind speak freedomly.., he share information, he educate people, he critize, he show himself in blog, he is brave.. whatelse,..

In blogging, he is my icon ( tapi dia manalah kenal kat aku ni..ceh.. biasalabah kalau dia artis kan.. ahaha), but i don't intend to follow his way of blogging. I believe that we as a blogger have our own way of blogging kan.. so lets us follow our direction..

Anyone wants to enjoy Kenny Sia Blog, Please click here:

below is some video under the Project Alpha, he share some tips of blogging:

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