Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazing Race! Kiulu 4M Challenge!!

Manampatau - very easy this one.. i can do this
Mamangkar- wah.. must be interesting yo!
Manangkus- wow. . i would like to say.. NO COMMENT! penat sampai mau muntah kali..
Mamarampanau- long time ago, i love to play this.. like i have a hidden talent on this.. just wait and see la.. samada sia buli bejalan guna bambu lagi ka nda.. hehe
Photographers invited to take shots!

I'm in this time?? OMG, but i believe that i can do this.. huh!

The Kiulu 4M is a traditional extreme sports competition which features 4 traditional activities which play up one’s survival skills. It incorporates the four Ms in Kadazandusun: Manangkus (running), Mamangkar (bamboo rafting), Manampatau (paddle-swimming with a bamboo pole), and Mamarampanau (walking on bamboo stilts) wherein all activities are to be completed sequentially.

Held in picturesque Kiulu constituency, the 4M challenge beckons participants to join in categories including the Women Open, Junior Open, X-Treme 5M Men Open, Mixed Double Open, 5M Open, Press/media, and an additional special category for participants from the corporate and government sectors.

The Kiulu 4M challenge promises an exhilarating wet and wild time for all. Still open for registration! Call 088-232121.

Photographers most invited to take their hilarious shots!

I'm in this time to break the rules! How about you? erm.. see you there!!

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