Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lombiding & Pakis


Ingredients: Just a couples of onions and garlic sliced, belacan @ fermented shrimp cake/paste and that’s it. ( Jangan lupa garam n ajinomoto).

Pluck the young leaves and shoot only. Just use your finger, you wil be able to feel the hard stem, leave em. Clean with lots of water before cooking it. With a very little oil – half table spoon, caramelised the onions and garlic until the aromas smelled, mix belacan (melted with small amount of water), stir for about 10-15 seconds, mix the vegies, add salt for taste and a pinch of sugar, stir and cook boiled for about 1 minute and 2 minutes the most.


wahhh.. sedap kan.. hmmm.. jom lunch!

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