Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trip to Tawau and Semporna

Every year, i involve directly in organizing Sabah Fest. So the theme for this year is The Legend, and the committee decided to choose The Legendary Quest of Puteri Salamiah, Bohey Dulang. On the 18th to 21th , we done some research about this Legend at Tawau and Semporna. Below are some pictures:
Starfish at Pulau Maiga Semporna.. how dare the people there capture it and put at the sandy beach.. i put it back at the salty water.. yeah.. cute bah pula kan...
Guess what?? hmm.. hehe.. Toilet.. huhu
Background: Pulau Bohey Dulang
Shooting.. Puteri Salamiah scene..
Beautiful Sandy Beach
The children.. huh! they can't speak malay properly.. kasian bhah durang ni teda sekolah. we should educate them, atleast they can read and write..
Their Home.. huh.. i almost can't believe it..
Housing area... yups.. now i believe it..
Unique .. made by Coconut leaves..
Their Pets.. Gobuk.. feeding time.. hehe
part of the island view..
Rumpai Laut.. one of their business
Anjing Darat yg kana bawa p pulau.. so .. Anjing laut juga la kan..

White sandy beech.. huh.. beautiful..
Sabah Park Boat..our transport
My friend call it Adidas Tambunan .. Adidas Kampung.. i'm happy having this shoes
My Self, Susan, Sara
a part of Bohey Dulang View
Bohey Dulang
At Semporna Jetty.. he is sleeping..
Fisherman Boat.. is it safe? i wonder, how they struggle with the storm.. huh..
Interview session
Pasar Ikan Masin Tawau.. singgah sekejap bah..
Interview Session
Nah, this is the Nabawan- Tawau road.. mud road..
Our Car painted with mud.. wow rock!
Maliau Basin
Maliau Basin
Maliau Basin Sinage

The end.. hehe.. any inquiries, just ask yeah!