Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Fever!

World Cup, World Cup, World Cup! bit late to put inside my blog. I noticed that everyone talking about world cup especially in Facebook. So as me! Everyone have their favorite team. Personally, i put up Germany, Brazil, Korea, Argentina, Portugal, and South Africa of course! England? maybe i'm a fan of EPL- Manchester United & Chelsea, but for world cup, no comment. I watched their 1st game, and i'm so damn upset of their goal keeper, Green! Okay, forget it!

So far, i'm very happy for Korea, Argentina, Germany and South Afrika. And i'm looking forward for Portugal & Brazil.

I would like to suggest you a few places to watch World Cup. BULLFROG, Donggongon? UPPERSTAR? COCK & BULL? KEDAI MAMAK? JESSELTON POINT? Which one you prefer? For me, i prefer Bullfrog because i can have cheap beer there besides the western menu & my favorite menu, Pork Chop lalalalala..

Beer Prices: 6 tins of tiger : RM23 only 3 bottles of Tiger (Big): RM25 6 bottles of tiger (Small) : RM26

Netherlands VS Denmark : 7.30 pm- Malaysian Time

Japan VS Cameron : 11.00 pm Malaysian Time

Italy VS Paraguay : 2.30 am Malaysian Time

See ya tonight,



Alv0808 said...

I should say..go Bullfrog!! the way, last Friday I passed by at Bullfrog, the staff sana pun sudah cerita2 pasal FIFA and they are preparing a dozens of beer. They said, most of their regular customer made a booking (beer) for tonight show. I guess one of the customer is you kan? hehe..

Bossing said...

hahaha... sa nda minum ni malam wakakaka

esthermelvin said...