Friday, March 11, 2011

We call it " Aktiviti Sihat"

Oh gosh! i'm not so call " show off" to put my picture on the top of this post, this blog automatically put it on the top. Sorry guys, don't marah-maha ok hehe. This trip was on last Sunday when my self with my friend went to Pulau Sapi ( Tungku Abdul Rahman Park) . We called this as " Aktivity Sihat". First healthy activity in this 2011! 10 of us : 1. Oscar - Event Planner, 2. san san, 3. Dharryl, 4. Mandy 5. Effy 6. Thomas 7. Jeriol 8. Dona 9. jean 10. Fidelis.

We gather at the Jesselton Point Jetty. Oscar as the event planner collect total of RM22.50 per person, return fare ( exclude jetty tax and island entrance fee). I don't know the excact fare.

We departed from the mainland at 9.30 am and arrived around 9.50 am. Actually, im not in mood during the trip because still "Kogutan" because of the friendship gathering the night before. I forced my self to join this trip because i don't want to dissapoint my friend.
Women's team VS
Men's Team! Opps .......... i was not in this picture because i'm the photographer. Donna replaced me.

To safe budget, everybody brings their own food! " Portluck". As promised earlier on, this activity is " Aktiviti Sihat", so no alcohol. But i wonder, why the Level 5 bottle was there? Miracle happened everywhere!

all of them enjoying the moment. Taking picture, relaxing....

Life is so wonderful!

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