Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss Earth Sabah 2011

"Miss Earth Sabah aims to highly and practically educate the young girls in Sabah to help create awareness for themselves, their families and especially the community of Sabah to be more serious in saving and protecting the environment. This pageant will produce beauties that possess the right criteria to represent Sabah in the National competition of Miss Malaysia Earth 2011 that will be held in Ipoh,Perak on the 27th June this year.

Throughout the competition, apart from enrolling themselves in programs that emphasize strongly on environmental protections, the participants are also required to attend various environmental activities, where they are given the opportunity to practice and voice out their green thoughts and ideas. Besides that, this event also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations in Sabah."

Hi everyone, 1st of all i would like to say sorry because again, i'm late and " out to date" about this topic. Yups, Miss Earth Sabah. Please read brief introduction about this pageant above. Actually, i posted this to my facebook. I posted about 100 pictures! Please go to my facebook to view more pictures but you must add me first ( please give some intro about your self because you might with all the 200 over 'friend request' list)!

This event was organized on 11th June 2011 at One Borneo Ballroom.

Above is the winner for the Miss Earth Sabah 2011! From left is Vannesa-3rd runner up, Kieren- 1st runner up, Olivia-Winner, and Crystel- 2nd runner up! Congrats girls! All of you are deserved to win! I would say that all the finalist is the winner.

Before and after the event, i heard lots of good/positive and bad/negative about this event. Congrats to Mandy Nandu for this very Grand and successful event!

Below are all the finalist:

1. Olivia- She is the 2011's Miss Earth Sabah. Congrats to you because i believe that everyone not expecting you to win this competition. But personally, i really like her style especially during the Q & A session . She delivered the answer in her own way with full of sincere and charm! She can talk about environment very well ! Good Luck to you!

2. Kieren- Yups, she is a smart girl. I know that Kieren will be in TOP 3 from the very beginning! In the middle of her journey, she shared me something. She was so stress and need someone to talk to? The tough part is when she told me " I want to pull out because people keep on talking about the 'confirmed' winner. See! you are one of the winner! Congrats to you girl.

3. Crystel- Everyone expecting her to win. But not this time. Crystel is the reigning queen for the Unduk Ngadau 2010 and one of the Miss Malaysia Model finalist ( not sure about this). She is talkative and very confident! She got a very nice smile and she is friendly! 2nd runner up is not bad! Congrats.

4. Vanessa- I know her from the Miss Sabah Model 2010. She was the 1st runner up. Simple, gorgeous and friendly with an intelligent thoughts. 3rd Runner for Miss Earth, not enough! You have bright and greater future!

5. Pathlyn- She is one of the gorgeous lady and she is from Kota Marudu. My was asking me about this girl " She is Filifino?" I replied " nope, she is pure Dusun Girl!". She won the Miss Body Beautiful! I strongly believe that she has a greater future as a model!

6. Hannevy- Miss Facebook Favorite! I'm expecting she will be in top 3 but we have to say YES to the professional judges. You did a very good job Hannevy!
7. Sandra- She is very nice! also friendly! Somebody told me that she is Dusun.
8.Dewina- Beautiful Lady from Tambunan! And she is friendly.

9. Elaiza - Chinese but she is really friendly and talkative.

10. Cherryl

11. Deenah
12. May

Miss Earth 2010
Miss Earth 2009- Event Director/ MNE Production Director
Event Team

( To be continue! So Sleepy!)

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