Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Joke of the day! Miss Proboscis Monkey

Owh! Too sad, i'm in a cage, anyone, please let me go! LET ME OUT FROM THIS FREAKY PLACE!!!
Owh hell yeah! sombody is coming, WHO? WHO? i should pose to attract him.. he will take me away from here.. yeah!
Posing! ( Owh yeah, i think im so sexy! aww.. everyone is looking at me now! grrrrr!)
Oh damn it! am i too sexy ! Gosh, all the handsome guy out there not interested in me? oh too sad... im gonna cry this time! huhuhu
Erksssss! Geli lah kau ni! kalau monyet tu tetap monyet! hahahaha!
The End! Cheers and Good Night!

1 comment:

deem said...

hahahahahaha...berabis sudah gia dia posing tu geng.kana potong trip oleh si enggang pula....