Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kangaroo City, Perth Australia

Kangaroo City , Australia! I would say Perth is a wonderful, beautiful, clean and quiet city in Australia. I've been there twice and i can see too much different from my town ( of course la kan).

You may suprise if you meet with Malaysian or Sabahan there. I met with someone in a Shopping Complex and she spoke Kadazan. What a big suprise!

Perth still maintaining their old building. When you go around the city, you will see lots of old buildings and churches. Dont forget to snap few pictures.

Food: You may go to Freemantle because lots of good food and fresh seafood served at that place. I wouls like to recommend the Fish and Chip! You may see the Little Creature Beer Factory! Try It!

If you like flowers, please ask the taxi to drop by at Kings park where you can see lots of beautiful flowers, plants and nice landscape. Don't worry about the transportation because taxi is everywhere. You even can call the taxi service and they will pick you up from the park.

Perth is very safe. Since the goverment pay an allowance to thier unemployed people, so i think the Aussie people will not go to you and ask for money but a friend of mine informed me to be extra careful to the abroginal people.

Entertainment: Haha, Kota Kinabalu still the best! You can enjoy your wine and beer in a Bar or Pub. Sadly, no hard music or Band, just soft music and you cant smoke cigar or cigarattes inside. Can you imagine? By the way, Smoking is prohibited in Perth, you only can smoke in a smoking area and the area is really hard to find.

In a day time, you may see handsome "Mat Salleh" playing music in the street. It is just for their hobby not for money!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 - Prediction

After watching, reading, listening and screening all the things and information related to this competition, then i came with my own prediction. Pleased to inform that this is not the result. This is just prediction that was made after all the source provided by various site in internet.

Miss Universe 2011, the 60th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 12, 2011. Ximena Navarrete of the Mexico will crown her successor at the end of the event.

My Top 5 prediction in random order :

I would like to wish " All The Best" to the Malaysia's Candidate, Deborah Henry. She won the Miss Global Beauty ( one of the title in this competition). She was great and awesome during the Evening Dress and Swimming Suit Preliminary and i believe that she is one of the favourite , and i really hope that she will compete the rest atleast in Top 5!

Please enjoy the video below :

Evening Dress Preliminary

Web Interview with Deborah

All The Best Deborah!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Land of Elephant and Siamese People! Sawadeekap!

Again and again, this little boy lost in the middle of the Globe! Last time in Philippines, and now in the land of Siamese people, Thailand. I should start with Sawadikapp! How are you my friend ( Thai’s Slang)! I remember, all the Myanmar and Indian at Phuket call me "Friend" ! Even my English is not good, but i would say, my English better than them.

4 Days 3 Night is just nice for a Budget traveller like me! I travelled with 2 of my friend, Thomas and Oscar! Luckily Thomas know the place very well so I would say, most of the time, we depend on him. We stayed at a beautiful Full Moon Guest House! Reasonable price with good hospitality with “Welcome to your house” ‘s theme makes you feel at home.

Thailand is famous with beautiful Island. If you familiar with "The Beach" film, then you must visit Ko Phi Phi Island. Have you heard about James Bond ? i think the James Bond Island was rename after the filem. Phuket Fantasea, Patong , Kamala & Karon Beach, City Tour, and many more..fuh! Exhausted! I would say, Thailand is the land with full packages, the land of everything and the land of ehem ehem.... How about the other part of Thailand? Krabi? Pattaya? Bangkok? I will explore next time! Hopefully next time. just wait and see la :)

Nightlife Entertainment? Hard Rock Cafe, Tai Pan, Rock City, A Go Go, Tiger, Boat Bar, etc... Not forgetting the Awesome Lady Boy, Massage Girl, the free show everywhere and of course all the ladies in the street haha!

Alcohol? you can purchase from the nearest Family Mart of 7Eleven and drink during your walk in the street. You are free to drink as long as you dont break the rules.
The people were friendly and helpful! No wonder lots of the tourist confidently walking around the city until late night.

Sadly, most of the items and souvenir there too expensive, T-Shirt cost me about 300bhat (RM30)! Ladies hand bag is RM100 (1000 bhat) , same quality with the bags that I bought from Philippines!

Thanks for the hospitality and to Thomas and Oscar, both of you ROCK! Opps, Three of us Super Awesome and Rock! Khap Kun Kapppp!!
Anything about Phuket, just ask me! Im ready to help you!

Regards & Cheers!

Life oh Life

I'm free now so i take this time to write something in my Blog. Yeah, I'm using new laptop so the keyboard still virgin and i'm going to rape it HARDCORE! Just kidding la..

"Life is To Short, So get a Life", I wrote this in my headbar Blog because i feel that this is true. When talking about life, some people forgot that we have limited time in this Globe. Sometimes , i wish that i can touch the "100 years Old" but i'm not sure if i can put myself in that number. Who know if tomorrow i'm going to have an accident? or sombody shoot my head or, some body robbed me, eventhough i'm trying so hard to fight back and finally the robbery cut my head or put me in a room with a bomb inside.. Who knows? Only God know... arghhh palis palis...

I still have family, Mum & Dad, Siblings, brothers and sisters, and of course i dont want this happen to me very soon. My Family, relatives, friends and the people related to me must be sad.. Oh no! Forget about this first.

Sometimes, people forgot about their job as a human being so as me. I was born in a very poor family,. My Dad and my was a farmer on that time, and since there were no technology in regards of "Sex Control" or Family Planning" long time ago, so my dad and mum were very productive in producing "Good" product like me. I have a big family.. Some people say " Wow! you can create your family's football team" ! I think my journey of life is very different with other people but I survive until now. My tough journey of life ( I will tell you later) taught me how to appreciate every single moment in life.

I noticed that few people forgot about their rules in life. I know that we can punch somebody but this kind of people think that they can punch the whole earth instead of 1 person. Some of them think that when the whole earth raining, the can cover it with an umbrella in one time. Huh! Greedy! Ego! and Stupid!!!

Maybe we can do all this, but please bear in mind that God eyeing you everytime and everywhere. Sometimes we need to slow down instead of speeding up because it is too dangerous.

(To Be Continue) ..

Sunday, September 4, 2011

When I Was In Philipinnes!

Mabuhay and Salamat Po! Welcome to The Philippines. Actually i wonder, why they must put "The" before their country name. I will find the answer later.

4 days vacation to Philippines is not enough but due to very limited budget, I put my 100 % energy exploring Tagalog Land. I uploded about 200 pictures on my Facebook so please add me on Facebook if you really wanted to check the photos. I publish few pictures in my blog because no all people have facebook.

Actually, i really dont have any preparation for this trip but my friend really want to go so i just follow him. This trip was planned few months ago when Air Asia announced their good promotion. Our budget is only RM1000 per person ( 14,000 peso) .
2 of us in this trip and im so excited because this is my 1st personal trip to oversea. I went to few places before for a business trip and all things was pre-arranged by my office.

Photo: Elvin Jilan - He was with his Family that day but we arranged a date together to Hard Rock Cafe. Oscar- My Best Buddy

This is at Manila Bay where you can see lots od Jose Rizal statue. He was so lucky because i gave him my Breeze Magazine!
This is the Famous Rizal Park. We were so lucky because they celebrated the Rizal Day on that day. I saw thousand of local people and tourist sitting everywhere with their matress enjoying the quality time. So Cool!
I urge you not to use this transport because most of them cheating people. I was cheated about 3000 peso ( both of us 6000 peso) ! What the FUCK! I still remember the conversation between me and the stupid guy. The guy offered a city tour with 25peso only. That was cheap. so we took this tour and we went to few places. At the end of the journey, he bring us to somewhere and he ask for 3000 peso per person! Gosh!! i wrote an email to Philippines Tourism about this but seem that they not concern about this. Please do not use this transportation. Please use the Jeepney.
We stay at Malate Pensionne, St Andriatico Road. They offer cheap acomodation with good hospitality.
The Famous Mall of Asia. 3rd Largest Shopping in the world, and the lagerst mall in Asia.
Philippines are famous with Churches. We went to Sacred Heart Church Cathedral, Divisoria and a small church in Malate .

If you want see more, feel free to add me up on Facebook, and if you have some question, feel free to drop comment.

Thanks and Regards,