Monday, September 12, 2011

Kangaroo City, Perth Australia

Kangaroo City , Australia! I would say Perth is a wonderful, beautiful, clean and quiet city in Australia. I've been there twice and i can see too much different from my town ( of course la kan).

You may suprise if you meet with Malaysian or Sabahan there. I met with someone in a Shopping Complex and she spoke Kadazan. What a big suprise!

Perth still maintaining their old building. When you go around the city, you will see lots of old buildings and churches. Dont forget to snap few pictures.

Food: You may go to Freemantle because lots of good food and fresh seafood served at that place. I wouls like to recommend the Fish and Chip! You may see the Little Creature Beer Factory! Try It!

If you like flowers, please ask the taxi to drop by at Kings park where you can see lots of beautiful flowers, plants and nice landscape. Don't worry about the transportation because taxi is everywhere. You even can call the taxi service and they will pick you up from the park.

Perth is very safe. Since the goverment pay an allowance to thier unemployed people, so i think the Aussie people will not go to you and ask for money but a friend of mine informed me to be extra careful to the abroginal people.

Entertainment: Haha, Kota Kinabalu still the best! You can enjoy your wine and beer in a Bar or Pub. Sadly, no hard music or Band, just soft music and you cant smoke cigar or cigarattes inside. Can you imagine? By the way, Smoking is prohibited in Perth, you only can smoke in a smoking area and the area is really hard to find.

In a day time, you may see handsome "Mat Salleh" playing music in the street. It is just for their hobby not for money!

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