Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life oh Life

I'm free now so i take this time to write something in my Blog. Yeah, I'm using new laptop so the keyboard still virgin and i'm going to rape it HARDCORE! Just kidding la..

"Life is To Short, So get a Life", I wrote this in my headbar Blog because i feel that this is true. When talking about life, some people forgot that we have limited time in this Globe. Sometimes , i wish that i can touch the "100 years Old" but i'm not sure if i can put myself in that number. Who know if tomorrow i'm going to have an accident? or sombody shoot my head or, some body robbed me, eventhough i'm trying so hard to fight back and finally the robbery cut my head or put me in a room with a bomb inside.. Who knows? Only God know... arghhh palis palis...

I still have family, Mum & Dad, Siblings, brothers and sisters, and of course i dont want this happen to me very soon. My Family, relatives, friends and the people related to me must be sad.. Oh no! Forget about this first.

Sometimes, people forgot about their job as a human being so as me. I was born in a very poor family,. My Dad and my was a farmer on that time, and since there were no technology in regards of "Sex Control" or Family Planning" long time ago, so my dad and mum were very productive in producing "Good" product like me. I have a big family.. Some people say " Wow! you can create your family's football team" ! I think my journey of life is very different with other people but I survive until now. My tough journey of life ( I will tell you later) taught me how to appreciate every single moment in life.

I noticed that few people forgot about their rules in life. I know that we can punch somebody but this kind of people think that they can punch the whole earth instead of 1 person. Some of them think that when the whole earth raining, the can cover it with an umbrella in one time. Huh! Greedy! Ego! and Stupid!!!

Maybe we can do all this, but please bear in mind that God eyeing you everytime and everywhere. Sometimes we need to slow down instead of speeding up because it is too dangerous.

(To Be Continue) ..

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