Sunday, September 4, 2011

When I Was In Philipinnes!

Mabuhay and Salamat Po! Welcome to The Philippines. Actually i wonder, why they must put "The" before their country name. I will find the answer later.

4 days vacation to Philippines is not enough but due to very limited budget, I put my 100 % energy exploring Tagalog Land. I uploded about 200 pictures on my Facebook so please add me on Facebook if you really wanted to check the photos. I publish few pictures in my blog because no all people have facebook.

Actually, i really dont have any preparation for this trip but my friend really want to go so i just follow him. This trip was planned few months ago when Air Asia announced their good promotion. Our budget is only RM1000 per person ( 14,000 peso) .
2 of us in this trip and im so excited because this is my 1st personal trip to oversea. I went to few places before for a business trip and all things was pre-arranged by my office.

Photo: Elvin Jilan - He was with his Family that day but we arranged a date together to Hard Rock Cafe. Oscar- My Best Buddy

This is at Manila Bay where you can see lots od Jose Rizal statue. He was so lucky because i gave him my Breeze Magazine!
This is the Famous Rizal Park. We were so lucky because they celebrated the Rizal Day on that day. I saw thousand of local people and tourist sitting everywhere with their matress enjoying the quality time. So Cool!
I urge you not to use this transport because most of them cheating people. I was cheated about 3000 peso ( both of us 6000 peso) ! What the FUCK! I still remember the conversation between me and the stupid guy. The guy offered a city tour with 25peso only. That was cheap. so we took this tour and we went to few places. At the end of the journey, he bring us to somewhere and he ask for 3000 peso per person! Gosh!! i wrote an email to Philippines Tourism about this but seem that they not concern about this. Please do not use this transportation. Please use the Jeepney.
We stay at Malate Pensionne, St Andriatico Road. They offer cheap acomodation with good hospitality.
The Famous Mall of Asia. 3rd Largest Shopping in the world, and the lagerst mall in Asia.
Philippines are famous with Churches. We went to Sacred Heart Church Cathedral, Divisoria and a small church in Malate .

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