Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holy Week trip at The Philippines!

The term Holy Week is usually used to described the day from Palm Sunday ( 1st April 2012 ) to Easter Day ( 8 April 2012 ) . Every year, I celebrated my Holy Week in my hometown with my family. This year, i celebrated my Holyweek in Philippinnes with my travel buddy Oscar. Our trip was from 5th - 10th April 2012!

In a first place, I was not sure if I manage to fly this year because my leave still on Keep In View (KIV)  by the office. 5 days before the travel date, i received a good news that my leave was approved! Yay! Thanks GOD! 

Then i started to arranged my itinerary. Konon-kononlah, this was our itinerary which 50% we didn't follow haha.

ITINERARY (Philippines Trip 5hb- 10 April 2012 )
Guest: Fidelis Francis Andam/ Oscar Dousin
Proposed Hotel:   Malate Pensionne P1400/ Stargate Pensionne P1288/ Gaius Pensionne Inn P1200/  Friendly Guesthouse : KIV
5hb April 2012
Day 1: 5hb April
1.50 pm

3.45 pm

8.00 pm

12.00 pm

BKI – Clark

Expected to Arrive at Macapagal International Airport

Bus Transfer from Clark to Pasay, Manila P450

Check in at Hotel

Holy Thursday at Malate Church
Night Sight Seeing at Malate Area : Bedrock

Good Night
Day 2: 6 April 2012

Visit to Intramuros/ Manila Cathedral - Good Friday Parade/ Fort Santiago/ China Town

Rizal Park/ China Town , Good Friday Parade at Malate Area if any

Good Friday Mass at SM Mall of Asia/ Visit around Mall of Asia

Club hopping- Hardrock Café Greenbelt , Makati
Day 3: 7th April 2012
American Cemeteries Makati / Malacanang Palace & Museum/ Makati Shopping Mall Makati Sight Seeing

Green Belt Shopping Complex

Robinson Place / Bedrock / Cowboy Grill
Day 4: 8th April 2012
Taxi from Malate to Pasay/ MRT from Pasay to Tagaytay
Taal Volcano
*to find out what time the MRT depart from Tagaytay to Pasay

Greenhills Shopping Complex, Freddy Aquilar Bar / visit to any bar * Exotic Bar (Napkil Street)
9th April 2012
Visit to Divisoria Shopping Complex/168 Mall/ Tutuban Mall

Visit to University of Santo Thomas/ Any university in Philippines/ Quezon City * Babui & Leechon

Dinner-Fine Dinner TBC
10th April 2012
Bus from Pasay to Clark
SM Mega Mall Clark

Lunch/ Sight seeing area Clark City
Clark Town to Airport 2.00 pm

Bye Philippines!

Having another travel partner, NADIA HAZEMAN was not in our plan. We met Nadia inside the Philtranco Corp. Bus, the only bus from Clark to Pasay. She is Orang KL bah who spoke good Sabahan Malay. Since she travel alone, she decided to join our trip. Nadia, actually i am more than happy you know? hehehe!

The first night was a horrible night. I booked an accommodation at Stargate Pensionne , Malate next to Pan Pacific Hotel, Manila  BUT during that night, i lost my way. The bloody hell Taxi driver sent us to Ermita Street.

Me: " Uncle, do you know where is Stargate Pensionne Inn?"
Taxi Driver: " Indi po."

Well, this was the worst part when the taxi driver don't know how to speak English and don't know the place! I ask Oscar to go out from the Taxi because the meter keep on running if we stay longer inside the cab. I just put my 100% confident to find the place. 

Well, if you are LUCKY, you will see lots of unexpected things everywhere. One of the most unexpected things was when I saw people died (maybe got killed by someone) in front of my eyes! I'm not local people there so i left the incident and i pray to God so that things won't happen to me and my friend. 

Since i'm bringing along my luggage, so lots of  'volunteer' offered to help to find the hotel but i refuse because they will charge extra to the hotel receptionist. Finally, after 1 hour walking with no confirmed destination, i saw the Stargate Pensionne House Signboard then i started to smile!

The rest of the day, the plan was very good and awesome and some of place that we visited not in the itinerary. Well, you can enjoy the photo in my Facebook. you can see my FB link in the leftside of my blog.
Please allow me to share some of the picture here!
This is Manila Cathedral, one of the oldest church in Manila. Located approximately 2 KM from city center (Malate). You can go here by Tricycle, Taxi , Kalesa(Not Recommended) or you can walk. It is just next to the famous Intramuros and Rizal Park. During Good Friday , Easter and Christmas, this place is pack with people and you can see lots of interesting thing happening around.
 a photo opportunity with the Catholic Youth in Manila Cathedral. This photo was taken during Good Friday.
 Graffiti! actually we can find such area in Kota Kinabalu. This place was covered with concrete wall and the place where the teenager draw their graffiti art skills. You may see some of the kids play skateboard. This is located near near St Augustin Church.
 This is in Tondo, quit far from Malate. You need to take Taxi or Jeepney to go there. Tondo is one of most dangerous place in Manila. During Good Friday, you can see this kind of things and if you lucky, you will witness the crucifixion of Jesus Christ- Real person nailed in a big cross!

We were here by an accident. We took tricycle from Intramuros to  Divisoria and sadly, the driver cant speak English. The only word he understood was 'Church'. Finally, we were sent to a wrong Church. Thanks Lord, we managed to walk from Tondo to Divisoria.
 " Manila Cemetery" of  "American Cemetery" ? Don't get confused. Manila Cemetery is a  family cemetery. The picture above was the American Cemetery! Located at Global City of Taguig. Please take a Taxi and please inform to the taxi driver to send you at American Cemetery, Global City Taguig. Don't ask the taxi to wait for you because lots of taxi going there or else, the taxi driver will charge you double.
SM Mall of Asia is the 2nd largest mall in the Philippines after SM City North EDSA, 3rd largest shopping mall in Asia
 Easter Virgil celebration
 Stargate Pensionne Inn , This is the place that we stay. Very good hospitality and recommended to all tourist. The rates are very affordable.
 Why i like to go to Philippines? i love entertainment and i know that Entertainment in Philippines is one of the Most Happening in the world! Philippines is well known as a tourism spot especially Angeles City. Hardrock is located in Green Belt 3, Level 2 Makati. Pack with party lover every night and of course, very good entertainment  ( Band )

MC Buffalo at High Society club, Angeles City.

My next trip to Philippines will be on August this year. Im going to Boracay!


Bambangan @ Ony said...

Wah bestnya ko pi sana time holy week kan... tapi emmm p pub juga kah? ngehehehehe yg penting enjoy bah kan..... bah bulan lapan ni ko p lagi kah tu? best juga kehidupan ko skg kan......

Bossing said...

lama nda dengar berita bro, apa khabar kau. sia pg time holy week.kira mau pg nanti bulan 8. maybe p boracay and shopping la kali. Since ada direct flight p sana so bagus p sana dari KL. Lagi murah tambang dia., Kira macam lawatan wajib setiap tahun la di sana ni. Bah kalau kau free2, manatau buli join, kau kasi tau saja kio. Tapi sia ni Backpackers traveller, nda tinggal hotel mahal. asalkan ada tempat tidur cukup la urang bilang.

Ada juga p pub. Kalau p sana, sayang kalau nda pg Pub. siuk bah pub sana. Aramai.

Kehidupan sikarang pun biasa-biasa saja bah. kadang2 best, kadang2 nda best, well begitu lah tu.

I think i lost your number. Kalau nda keberatan buli ka minta number kau itu. Kalau Private n Confidential, its okay, we still can communicate through internet. Bah cheers!