Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Main Cast 'Gerimis Mengundang' visited Kota Kinabalu

On 14th May 2012, most of the Gerimis Mengundang Main Cast had a visit to Kota Kinabalu. The purpose of the visit is to do a promo about the film to their target market in Sabah. I can say that this movie is a special movie for Sabahan because 85-90 % of the scene captured in Sabah. 

Let us support this movie and lets us see the beauty of Sabah inside of this movie. 

Gerimis mengundang is about story of Zamani's life (Kamal Adli) in the period of life that is full of choices. Which then Mikha (Olivia Jensen Lubis), beautiful girl who had captured his heart. However, the love story is never easy. So many obstacles they have faced. Would the story have a beautiful end?

Genre: Drama
Producer: Datuk Md. Afendi Hj Hamdan
Director: Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri
Production Co: Erama Creative Sdn Bhd & Wanna B Pictures
Cast: Olivia Jensen Lubis, Kamal Adli, Dhitra Marfie, Felix Agus, Denny Martin, Henny Yuliani, Ebby Cornelis
Release Date: May 31, 2012

 During the visit, i had an opportunity to meet them and surprisingly, Olivia jensen and Kamal Adli were very friendly. Mestilah nak friendly kan. Kalau tak friendly, alamat besok tutup periuk la!
Olivia Jensen and Me!

Cat Farish! Some of you might know him very well, but some not. I know him as a singer and as an actor! The latest drama is ' Apa Celopp'! Well, during the Gerimis Mengundang team had their visit in Kota Kinabalu, I met with this guy! He is the COO of the Erama Creative.

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