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Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Finalist

Finally, the 12 finalist for Miss Earth Sabah 2012!  About Miss Earth Sabah: 
Miss Earth Sabah aims to highly and practically educate the young girls in Sabah to help create awareness for themselves, their families and especially the community of Sabah to be more serious in saving and protecting the environment. This pageant will produce beauties that possess the right criteria to represent Sabah in the National competition of Miss Malaysia Earth 2011 that will be held in Ipoh,Perak on the 27th June this year.

Throughout the competition, apart from enrolling themselves in programs that emphasize strongly on environmental protections, the participants are also required to attend various environmental activities, where they are given the opportunity to practice and voice out their green thoughts and ideas. Besides that, this event also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations in Sabah. 
Source: Miss Earth Sabah Facebook. Below is the contestant for this year's Miss Earth Sabah
 Joanna Marie Faurillo

I should be Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because I would want to be a role model to the society to heal our dying world. Firstly, to help promote the conversation of out beautiful forest. Encourage our present government to plant more trees & greenery in our city. Secondly, work together with the authorities in curbing the emmiting if gasses that is harmful to the environment. To propose that 'Everyday is a NO Plastic Bag day' this way we could lessen the pollution rate, be it land, water or air. This is because plastic bags are known to be the one of the biggest contribution to pollution in our state. It could be tangible or non-tangible but both brings negativity to us.
 Tatiana Rudolf J Millip, 18

I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because I am dedicated in achieving my goals and not the type of person who takes leadership and responsibilities lightly especially when it comes in benefiting all of us. Hence, I'm willing to assist and to be the 'mobilizer' in revamping the current condition of the environment that Sabah is facing today. 
 Daphne Fay W. Santor, 22

I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because I want to be the role model and ambassador that advocates environmental awareness and other global issues not only in Sabah but to the world . To make people realise about how important it is to preserve our environment and to help teach and educate young people especially children to love and care our mother nature more for better future generations.
 Affy Jackleyinda Entawin, 21

I should win Miss Earth Sabah because if I win this title, it belongs to mother nature, not me. The most important thing is to participate in each and every single of activities in this pageant for the sake of environment.
 Christini Loo Ai Ling, 21

I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because I have a dream. Throughout my life I have been involved in many events and campaigns to save our environment and mother nature. However, the impact was limited. And if I continue doing what I did the impact would be the same. But, if I won this title I would inspire many people out there especially our young generations. Doing the same things with this title, will have a very big impact. Because now it is not only my dream but all of us.
 Carolren Vinnie Yong, 21

I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because I have a big heart to preserve the environment. I want to be the catalyst that change people's mind to care more about the environment. I believe that in everything that we do towards our Mother Earth and all living things, we should put love above all. If there is love in all that we do, all things will be good.

Deidre Ann Walker, 18

I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because the duties of a Miss Earth is for a lifetime. To me, Mount Kinabalu is my tower of strength and the longest river in Sabah 'The Kinabatangan' represents courage to overcome life's hurdles. As mother nature never fails me, I will strive to take care of it.

Chan Hui Ching, 25

I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because I believe Earth is sick now and we have the responsibility to save our earth from dangerous. Nature brings life for us, therefore, no nature, no us. If I won the title, I will try my best to spread the news to everyone, so that everyone will cooperate to make the earth healthy. A slogan for all, ' Stop Pollution, Save Our Earth Together'

 Isabel Ng Yuin Yuen, 22

I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because to me, to be Miss Earth Sabah 2012 is my job. And I say job because saving the earth is a responsibility, a challenging work and a commitment. I am dedicated to the mission of saving our only planet we have. We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children. our children deserve to enjoy the beauty of our mother nature. to me, everyday is earth day and I just want to do my job, this is why I think I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012.
 Xandria Ban Kah Yee, 18

I should win Miss Earth Sabah because I am willing to help in whatever way to preserve our polluted environment and to be a role model on this because I strongly believe every little effort from everyone can contribute hugely towards saving our mother earth from being destroyed. I hope by carrying this Miss Earth Sabah title on my shoulder, I can have a platform to carry out events or activities which can educate the public on the importance of protecting our planet.
 Frederica Fabian Peter, 22

I should win Miss Earth Sabah because I am a very 
ambitious person and I believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams '. In my dream and career, I love to give opportunity and let the new generation especially the children to show their talent and care about the environment. I want to groom them to be beautiful inside out so little by little, they will learn many things and save this wonderful planet we live called 'Earth'.

Grace Chang Siew Ling, 19

I should win Miss Earth Sabah 2012 because I will do what it takes to make sure all the environmental campaign and green activities to roll smoothly.I am outspoken and I believe I could reach for the public and let my voice to be heard, and my actions to be set as an example to for everyone to preserve the beautiful gift that has been endowed to us - Mother Earth.

Photography by Radzie Rahman
Make-up and hairdo by: MUAH Studio Academy

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Let us wait and see, who will be the next Miss Earth Sabah!

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