Sunday, September 30, 2012

The People Here and There!

Whats up!

It's been a while. Actually, i always want to write something here but i don't have an idea what to write.. Like other bloggers, they have lots of thing to share. Let make it simple. Today, I want to share  5 things and actually, i have posted it to my Facebook.

1. Queens Park Ranger's visit to Sabah.

Can u see Park Ji Sung? He is in QPR! QPR was listed in the EPL together with Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal.... and so far this club is top 5 from bottom ( hehe)

2. Sabah International Business Talk by Tony Fernandes (Group CEO Air Asia)

I was in the ballroom during the talk. He is one of very successful businessman in Malaysia and Asia region. His talk is very inspiring! I hope that he will give me an opportunity to work in Air Asia.... Pilot maybe? this is my dream actually but.... just dream BIG lah ! :)

3. Prince William & Kate Middleton 

 She is looking at me! OMG!!
It is in my dream to see this royal couple in front of my eyes! An yes, 2 meters in front of Prince William & Kate Middleton, i was like.... body shaking all over...... The security system was very strict at that night. I was trying to go nearer to take a picture with the royal couple but sadly, I cant because security here and there, they wont allow anybody go nearer.. hmm what ever.

4. This is a memorial to remember the Dusun fallen heros maybe.. According to the founder, this is a remembrance monument for the Dusun tribes ( headhunters). Long long long time ago before the colonial era, Dusun people live separately. In order to protect their tribes, they have to attack another tribes to show that their tribes is stronger than the others and they will bring as many head as they can. The total of head collected shows that  how strong the tribes. During the colonial era, The Government of British banned the headhunters activity and if they still insist to do it, they will be punish. As a symbolic of peace, the Dusun tribes build a memorial ( oath stone ) and they swear to live peacefully.. ( i will give the full story later :) . Located at Lahawon, Kg Narambai Mininsalu jalan Ranau-Tambunan..

5. To be continued... hehe

p/s : sorry for the grammar mistake hehe

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