Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How To Go To KL Sentral from LCCT Air Asia

This post is dedicated to Sabahans ( also non Sabahan) who want to go to Kuala Lumpur using LCCT ( Low Cost Carrier Terminal- Air Asia). Now a day, value of money is getting higher and higher so how if we try to reduce our travelling cost? 

Taxi is one of very important public transportion in KL but the charges from Airport to the city is very expensive. Last time, i really don't know where to take a bus service  to the city. I took a taxi to my hotel and the cost is nearly RM100. Well, RM100 is quit expensive for me because i can use the money to buy lots of things. 

Recently, when i was in KL, my friend from KK had called me and he was asking about the direction to the KL city from LCCT and he prefer the cheapest public transport. Well, i advised him to take a bus from LCCT to KL Sentral which is the 1st Monorail Station. Sadly, he was  not confident with the instruction that i gave to him and this forced me to go to KL Central (from Titiwangsa Monorail Station) and i have to take bus from KL Sentral to LCCT ( My first time also hahaha). I confidently took a monorail from Titiwangsa to KL Sentral, then a Bus to LCCT which is i actually don't know where the hell is the bus station. After i arrived at KL Sentral, i just follow the crowds until one point, i lost my way. From the far far away, i saw lots of crowds going out and i say to my self , "that must be the bus station!" Thanks God, finally i found it. I took a bus from KL Sentral to LCCT and surprisingly the charges is just about RM8.. 

So guys, yeah next time, just use this bus service to KL Sentral. The bus station is  nearby the domestic arrival hall, 80 meters in the left side area. The bus will stop at the bus station at KL Sentral and you need to walk about 100m to the KL Sentral Monorail Station. 

For those who never use the Monorail service , Monorail service in Kuala Lumpur which is operated by Rapid KL a very convenient public transport if you wish to go to Bukit Bintang, Chow Kit, Pavilion, KLCC and so on. Please find the route and fare below:

If you have any inquiries please leave a comment or email to me at bosing1986@gmail. I will reply ASAP! 

Thank you for reading my Oh My English ( Broken English)!

Regards and Have A Good Time! 

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