Thursday, January 3, 2013

81 inch Crocodile found at Kepayan Ridge!

Last night, I went out for a dinner at Golden Valley Restaurant at Kepayan Ridge area . While waiting for my food, i heard the people who is sitting next to my table talking about crocodile somewhere not far from  the restaurant. Well, I actually don't believe such things because i know that there are lots of lizards living at the drainage at Kepayan Ridge. It must be a lizard or BUAYA DARAT..

Just now, I saw few picture at Facebook and yes, it was really really 81 inch crocodile! Congratulation to Wild Life Department of Sabah, Fire & Rescue Department and to the public for the information. I think the respective department will release the crocodile to its natural habitat. Hopefully! 

Photo courtesy from Dr Sen Nathan's Facebook 

Dari mana ni buaya datang ah? I think there are few more in some drainage area in Kota Kinabalu especially in housing area and i believe that some of it hiding somewhere and will come out from its hideout anytime! So be careful! 

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