Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sorry! No Free Flights from Air Asia..

I'm one of millions Malaysian who was happy with the 10,000 Free Seats from Air Asia! Sharp 12.01am last night, I opened the Air Asia website try to grab this golden opportunity. I actually wanted to book flights to Johor Bahru (From Kota Kinabalu) with my parents. Since my parents never had an experience in the plane, so in my opinion that this is the time for them.

While some people out there complaining that they can't enter the Air Asia website , surprisingly I can enter the website easily. So bad when I try to book the flight, there was no such FREE FLIGHTS by Air Asia.
 Well, I didn't gave up. I keep on 'refresh' every 5 minutes until 3 o'clock in the morning and i didn't see any 'FREE FLIGHTS' sign.

May be this is not my luck or the advertisement was made to fool people for their own purpose! 

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