Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2x iPad Minis as Grand Prize. You Want?

Is that YOUR iPad Mini?

How would you like to be able to enjoy delicious drinks with an iPad mini you can read, write, play and surf on anywhere you are? ;D

Well, the Chinese New Year celebration ain't over till someone gets an iPad Mini OR TWO from SAYS! :)

Yes, you read that right!
EVERYDAY from 13 till 26 February 2013, 1-2 lucky people will win a RM50 Starbucks voucher. Also, 2 people will win an iPad Mini each!

Only 3 steps :

Step 1. Make sure you're signed up on (Sign up here)

Step 2. Complete this survey :

Important :
  • In the survey, look out for a question where you're required to share your brilliant ideas. The two most creative answers will win an iPad Mini each.
  • Be sure to complete your details at the end of the survey.

Step 3. Click on the special below 

Share it to all your friends to earn some extra cash by clicking on the FB/Twitter share button as shown below :)

And, you're done!

Daily RM50 Starbucks voucher winners will be announced daily on the SAYS Facebook page everyday at 9pm.

The 2 iPad Mini winners will be announced on 4th of March 2013 :)

All the best!!

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