Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Earn Money Through Facebook & Twitter through Says

How to Earn Money Through Facebook & Twitter through Says is a country-specific social news network. Social media users from each country curate and share trending local news, videos, social causes, and get paid when they broadcast relevant advertiser-sponsored content.

I'm not a heavy user of Facebook, but i earned almost RM1000 from Actually, using is very easy than Nuffnang, Google Ads or any other sponsored advertisement programme because the only thing that you need is to have social network. 

Now a days, social network is a medium that people use a LOT! From school children to elite group, from farmer to the highest political leader and from here to there.... Everyone talking about social network. 

Teenagers or i can say that youngsters or youth from age of 15 to 40 years old is a heavy user of social network. There are lots of good things were happened because of social network ( i don't want to tell about bad things here because we are talking about good things.. hello?)

There are few social network that famously used and some of it are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Salute to the people who created the programme such because i believe that lots of people out there making money from this kind of advertising programme. 

Ladies & Gentleman (huh .. kinda speech),

How to earn money from First of all, you need to have social network and i would recommend Facebook and Twitter. To make run smoothly and 'More Income', you must add as much friend in your Facebook and Twitter. 

Step 2;

Sign up at this link: and after the registration successful, fill up all the information needed. Don't forget to invite your friend to join this programme because you will get RM1 from each person who is registered under your referral link. ie: You will get RM10 if 10 person registered under your link. How if 1000 person registered under your link? Yes, you will get RM1000 (maybe)!

Step 3;
In your account, you will see 'Dashboard' , 'Featured', and 'Specials' section. Please click the campaign/advertisement. Please share all the campaign/advertisement at the 'Specials' section through Facebook or Twitter. Just click the button 'Share' at the bottom of the campaign/advertisement. will provide few suggestion of message to be displayed at the social network and please choose the most attractive. If you find that the message is not attractive enough, you can write your own message as long the message is related to the campaign/advertisement. 

Step 4; 
You will get RM0.20 for every click. So please be creative by influencing your friend to click the campaign/advertisement so that your income will increase and more money IN!You also can post the campaign in any group in your Facebook. Some of your friend might ask this kind of question; "What is the link in your wall? it is always pop out in my Facebook news feed. Is it a virus?" . Please tell your friend that the advertisement is not a virus and they are safe to click it. NO HARM!

Step 5;
Check your income at 'Dashboard' every day  and you will notice that your income will increase day by day. Once you reach RM50, you can 'Cash out' the money by sending your bank account and details to Within 30 days or less, the money will be banked in to your account. Remember, the more your friend click it, the more money you will get!

Now, you can enjoy the money hehe..  Good Luck guys.. 

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