Sunday, August 11, 2013

'Life' cheat on Candy Crush game

Tired of waiting and requesting  'life'  from your friends on Candy Crush game? Want to get more 'life' while playing the famous game 'Candy Crush'? Don't forget to say thanks to me if it works. Please follow the step below;
Ok, my life is about to finish. So I will make it full.

On your smart phone, go to date and time setting. It will appear like this.

Click to remove the✓mark. Please untick the automatic time zone setting.
Go to the 'set date' setting. Change the date to tomorrow. For example for the date in this photo, change to 11 August.

Yes, way to go baby... click 'set'...

And go to your candy crush again.. now you can enjoy to play your candy crush without requesting life from your friend. You can play till the fullest.. But don't forget to change your phone's date to normal date. 

Enjoy playing with no life limit. 
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Warner Carter said...

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