Monday, February 3, 2014

My Short Trip to Tokyo, Japan

Ohaiyo Gozaimas!

Im back in town!

Japan is one of the most beautiful country that i ever visited. One of the most developed country in the world and popular with the name "The Rising Sun Country!".

Been there during winter season recently ( oh i wish during spring so that i can throw some love in the air) and it was very very cold. The lowest was -1 Celsius and the feeling was like inside the chiller room hahaha.  As Sabahan who live near the equator line, hot and humid throughout the year  i just love the cool weather in Tokyo, Japan. So refreshing and i love to wear the winter attire. Look so cool, and high fashion summore, even my winter jackets is just about $60.

Please find some photos below. Since it was a business trip, i didn't managed to go to the mountain as that was actually my target.

 Disneyland Tokyo.. Maybe next time...
 The big city of Tokyo! Huh... no joke.. it is a very very big city.
 P stands for what? Parking for bicycle? Cool huh..
 One of the street. Forgot the name , Very clean street, you can't even a small piece of rubbish or cigarettes bud.

 Everybody is rushing to work. This is around 7 am.
 Another view of Tokyo City
 Taken from Shinjuku Area
 Shinjuku Area
 Been here for a meeting with the tour operators in Japan.
 Very oldish look of Taxi in Tokyo..

 Photo opportunity near the busy road. Can you see the trees behind across the road? That is the emperor's palace. The place was covered with lots of trees.

 In Tokyo or Japan in general, you can see clock everywhere. Japanese is known as the most punctual people in the world and that is indeed true..
 The food is pretty expensive, even packed noodle in seven eleven.
 Restaurant area below the bullet train railway station.

 Motorcycle i guess. So cute.
 Winter! the view is 100% changed during spring. The trees will turn to colourful trees.

 Park near the city. Beautiful and suitable for jogging.

 Shopping area.

Thanks for viewing my blog! Next is Autumn in Australia!

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