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Naruto Manga 664 Predictions (conversation only)

(Yang-Half Juubi sealed within Naruto and Naruto became Juubi's Jinchuuriki in Yang-Half while Yin-Half Juubi sealed within Madara and Madara became Juubi's Jinchuuriki in Yin-Half)

Page 1
*Allied Shinobi Forces go to Naruto's Yang Juubi's Side to get Yang Juubi's Chakra*
Minato: Naruto, before you fight Madara there's something i want to give to you. *gives his custom Kunai as a birthday gift to Naruto*
Naruto: Thanks Dad
Minato: Ok, I will be your side and my student: Kakashi your teacher will take care of Obito. We will join forces!
Naruto: Right!

Page 2:
Naruto: Sasuke, i'll give you Yang Juubi's Chakra to get you alive! *gives Yang Juubi's Chakra to Sasuke to let him alive*
Sasuke: ugh what happened? Naruto, without using Susanoo, we can be dead! *comes to Inside of Yang Juubi's Side and use his Perfect Final Susanoo equip Yang Juubi to enhance Attack, Defense, Speed, Balance and Stamina*

Page 3:
Madara: Heh you think you can beat me with that pathetic level, you are so stubborn! Now Yin Juubi, Get the Yang Juubi from Naruto!
Naruto Uzumaki: I won't let you do this! *attacks Madara's Susanoo using Sasuke's Susanoo Sword*

Page 4:
Madara: WHAT?!
Naruto: Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu! *uses Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu*
Naruto: *stays with Yang Juubi*

Page 5:
BZ Obito: well well Madara's Yin Juubi is fighting Naruto's Yang Juubi right now.
Obito: Zetsu, why don't you just die NOW!
Kakashi: *uses Kamui to send BZ Obito to Kamui Dimension*
BZ Obito: *on Kamui Dimension* What on Earth? (Sorry Madara, i failed you)

Page 6:
Naruto: *uses Giant Bijuu Dama*
Madara Uchiha: *uses Giant Bijuu Dama*
Naruto and Madara: BIJUU DAMA! *Naruto and Madara's Bijuu Dama clash each other*
*Naruto's Bijuu Dama surpassed Madara's Biijuu Dama*
Madara Uchiha: WHAT?! I am the GOD! How did you surpassed my Bijuu Dama?!

Page 7:
Naruto (S6OP): Because I am the originally God! Naruto never give up. He met me.
Madara Uchiha: That's sound kind of threat. Heh how about this? *uses Tengai Shinsei*
Naruto (S6OP): I CAN DO THIS! Chibaku Tensei *uses Chibaku Tensei to block the Tengai Shinsei*
Madara Uchiha: What, Impossible!

Page 8:
Naruto (Clone): *saw Hashirama immobilized by Madara and removes entire Chakra Receiver that embed him*
Hashirama Senju: Phew. Thanks but my senjutsu chakra already taken by my old rival. I will be your Yang Juubi's Side
Naruto (Clone): Ok, it will give you that chakra
Hashirama Senju: Ok! *go inside of Yang Juubi*

Page 9:
Hashirama Senju: (Wow this Yang Juubi gives me some of chakra) Let's go! Naruto, My Old Rival: Madara, why you became jealous and hate me? This world has a hope.
Madara Uchiha: Why? Because your brother killed my brother.
Naruto (Clone): *gets Tobirama and gives him some of Yang Juubi's Chakra*
Madara Uchiha: So that's why that this world has NO HOPE!
Naruto (SO6P): Why don't you just use. *uses the Sword of Nunoboko to break Susanoo*

Page 10:
Madara Uchiha: What the?! (Are you Sage of the Six Paths?) Tsk, No Choice! I have to -
Naruto (SO6P): Oh no, you don't! Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation! *uses Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation*
Madara Uchiha: WHAT?! Naruto can do my Fire Style?! Tsk, Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation! *The Technique clashes each other*
Naruto (SO6P): *uses Superhuman Power on Madara Uchiha*
Madara Uchiha: ?! *gets super-hit by Naruto who's been controlled by Sage*

Page 11:
Naruto (SO6P): This world has a peace. Everyone betrayed you even me and yourself.
Madara Uchiha: Myself?!
Naruto (SO6P): Yes because this world has a good things to do but don't USE our power, we will keep away from the hands of evil like you. *touches the spikes that Madara sealed Yin Juubi onto Madara* Now Everyone! Like you did before!
Allied Shinobi Forces: HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *Everyone including Sage inside Naruto*
Naruto: Come to the World of Light and be the real yourself! Don't underestimate the power of the Shinobi

Page 12:
(Allied Shinobi Forces attempts to pull out the Tailed Beasts like everyone did with Obito and successful)
Madara Uchiha: *fell down to the ground and extremely weakened to the Allied Shinobi Forces then Hashirama's Sage Mode and Senju DNA was taken back to Hashirama and most of Sage's chakra taken to Naruto but only few chakra of Sage remained it but unable to use other paths but Preta Path and of course Madara's Rinnegan is nearly gone because of Sage's Chakra*
Tailed Beasts: You did it Naruto!
Naruto: Thanks guys! I won't let you all down by that. but Kurama, i'm sorry but my future child will be the Jinchuuriki of you. *Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode: Yang Juubi combined with Susanoo are deactivate*
Madara Uchiha: Not yet! *gets up but extremely weakened by Allied Shinobi Forces and many bloods appeared on Madara's Body*
Random Shinobi: WHAT?! He is still alive by that even he is extremely weakened by pulling out?

Page 13:
Madara Uchiha: This world has no hope that i am not Hokage.
Naruto Uzumaki: If you are not Hokage then you battle Hashirama. then *uses Sage Art: Rasengan and uses Minato's Kunai to expose Madara's Weakness* LOVE EACH OTHER AND NOT TO BE HATE EACH OTHER! *exposed Madara's Weakness*
Minato, Sasuke, Hinata and Sakura: (It WORKED?!)
Madara Uchiha: NGH! (I am exposed by that weakness, my weakness is Senjutsu!)
Naruto Uzumaki: (Even Ninjutsu doesn't work, it feels we got him!)

Page 14:
Madara Uchiha: NO Way! I am exposed by that weakness.
Naruto Uzumaki: (Only Senjutsu WORKS!) Even if you are GOD, your weakness is exposed by ME! You are the piece of monkey CRAP! *Madara fell down*
Madara Uchiha: TSK looks like.
Naruto Uzumaki: Looks like Senjutsu only WORKS!

Page 15:
Madara Uchiha: Now I will kill everyone
Naruto Uzumaki: NO! *uses Senjutsu: Rasengan*
Madara Uchiha: NO WAY!

Page 16:
Madara Uchiha: Why you LOUSY!
Naruto Uzumaki: I am NOT Lousy because i will not give up BECOMING HOKAGE!
Madara Uchiha: I'll extract Yang Juubi from your body.
Naruto Uzumaki (SO6P): Oh no you don't! *super-human power Madara*

Page 17:
Madara Uchiha: Tsk, My Rinnegan is almost gone!
Naruto Uzumaki: Now Everyone, Tailed Beasts, Yang Juubi and Sage, Lend me your chakra! *uses his own chakra and uses some of everyone's, tailed beasts', yang juubi's and sage's chakra to begin his new jutsu*
Madara Uchiha: No, it's time clash your new jutsu to my preta path!

Page 18:
Naruto Uzumaki: Everyone, Tailed Beasts and Sage, buy my time to prepare my new jutsu to defeat Madara!
SO6P: *his spirit go back to his body*
Tailed Beasts, Allied Shinobi Forces and S06P: RIGHT! *protects Naruto from Madara*
Madara: It's time to summon the Demonic Statue! Summoning Jutsu: Gedo Mazou!

Will Naruto defeat Madara by Naruto's New Jutsu?

The End

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