Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome 2017! Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

My blog seems so quite since... i don't know haha. Too much working, busy and i think the time was so approaching, too fast too furious, very very fast. I was active here (Blog) during the time where my blog was associated with Google Adsense. Due to some reasons , my google ads was deactivated, I tried to appeal few times but the answer was very frustrated. No worries, i will try again this year. Anyway.... 

Hello 2017! Please be great to me. 1. What did i achieve last year? 2. What is my New Year resolution? 

This is my answer: 
1. I don't know actually. I was too busy working and travelling haha. 

2. This year's resolution is very simple. I just want to live my live, I just want to be my self, i want to work hard and i want to earn money. MONEY for TRAVELLING. 

This year, i will reach 31 years old, on April to be exact. This is so OMG, am i that OLD? I made a promise to my mother that i will get married when i reach 30, few more months to 31 years old. My promise still valid and i'm going to break this promise on April 2017 i guess. 

Worst about me last year?

1. I went to casino few times. I win BIG, and I lost BIG. Guys, please avoid that place. You will regret. I realized that the amount that I won was a spell to lose more . Easy money with 'GHOST' . 

2. I was not promoted. I attended few courses and assessment, and i was promised for promotion. Bad luck of unfair? Yes, the world is so unfair. So, 2017, please be good to me. God, show me mercy. I need miracle. 

3. ............. ( Secret lol) 

What i want to do this year: 

1. Younger than last year. Surgery from Korea maybe? hahaha just kidding. 

2. I want to travel more. I want to travel to the place that i can reflect about my life, the place where i can relax, the place where i can read my book. 

3. More money to come. 

4. More time with my Mum and Dad, as both of them are getting younger and younger again :) 

5. I want to stop smoking. 

6. Small business? 

7. Less time in social media especially FACEBOOK! Banyak urang pandai betul bah di sana!!

8. Spending my time with my awesome siblings! They are awesome. 

9. Socialize with purpose only. Less alcohol (should put this together with No.5) 

10. I just realized that i have 'few' best friend. Will spend more time with them. 

11. Last but NOT LEAST; I'm looking for a new opportunity. I'm ready to get out from my comfort zone. I want to work outside Sabah. Please hire me :) 

To be continued... 



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