Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter....

Hallo everyone..i would like to wish Happy Easter to all af you...May God Bless Us..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is my prayer..He is My Best Friend


I wanted to be closer to you…

I wanted you to be my best friend…

I’ve just started my habit to make an effort to be closer to you, but honestly, these past few days I’ve been feeling tired, lacking enthusiasm to be closer to you as if I am being tempted by evil to lose interest in you. But Lord, I wouldn’t want to make this an excuse to fulfill my desire for you to be my best friend. I believe that just like any other friendship, ours is also being tested. And since I don’t know what kind of right words should fit in while I was praying this morning, I’ve decided to write my thoughts because you designed me to be good in writing…

I’m sorry if you might think I’m praying because of obligation. I might be like that before, but believe me Lord, I’m changing my habits in an effort to draw closer to you because I know your will is the best, and I have no option in life but to live in accordance to your will, since being in track on your ways wouldn’t make me feel lost.

But sometimes Lord, I don’t understand why you insist some people to draw closer to you, you even give me pain for me to realize that you’re my Savior but you don’t respond to all my thoughts, my prayers and feelings and this makes me lose enthusiasm to pray more because it is as if I am talking with no one—not an imaginary friend, but a non-existing “friend”.

All I want for you to do my Lord is to speak up, respond to all my prayers, like a friend, say what you feel, give your opinion regarding my confusions. Please don’t take it against me Lord, I know that you love me so much and you wouldn’t want me to be lost in your direction so please Lord, all I’m asking is to reply on my prayers… I don’t care whether it’d be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, all I need to know is your will regarding my prayers.

Surely Lord, you have wonderful reasons in all your decisions… and I don’t want to be deprived of knowing these wonderful things. Revealing me these things might not be the right time today but I will wait patiently… because I know you’re just testing my trust and faith in you, which will serve as our strong foundation for a closer friendship.

Thank you Lord because while I was writing this prayer, I have already felt you speaking on me. Don’t worry Lord; it will be all worth the wait if the outcome would be a better friendship with you. Just be sure Lord to take things surely… never keep me lost Lord. From now on, I surrender my entire self to you, that you would take care of me and lead me into the right direction all the days of my life because I know I am strongest when you’re with me all the way.

Thank you Lord that inspite of all these things, you’re always there for me. And so I surrender my whole being to you, and in return, I might have a closer bond with you not just as a slave, but also a friend. Please accept my offer, my whole being for a better friendship with you.

All these things I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

My Prayer for the Holy Cross

O Father, I feel compelled to carry Jesus' cross, but it is not because someone makes me. Father, for all that you have done, for all that Jesus paid, I thank you. And today, I will pick up the cross and seek in word, thought and deed to honor Jesus as my Lord. In the name of my Savior I offer my thanks and praise. Amen.

Let Us carry The Cross

You’ve accepted your cross, you’ve welcomed to carry it with all your heart, you believed that the difficulties that loom in calvary is nothing compared to the glory that awaits you. Still my friend, you have to carry it, you chose to, and the burden you will carry is a reality you will go through, not an illusion you can skip or vanquish with the best and purest of your intentions. How do you carry your cross? How do you remain steadfast to the very end?

I believe that if there is anyone who can show us how, it is Jesus himself. It wasn’t until recently though that I truly believed in the reality of his suffering, in the turmoil he felt within as a man to give him the full credit due for his sacrifice. I guess I’ve always seen him in my mind as a God more than I’ve seen him as man. In my mind I’d say, “I can’t do it, I’m not God. I’m not as strong, I’m not as good, I’m not as holy.”

Surely I was familiar of what he went through; I thought I was. It was something I’ve always been familiar of, being in a predominantly Catholic country, and having performed church practices such as praying the rosary and the stations of the cross during holy week, not to mention the PASYON, a holy week practice in the Philippines where people gather and recite the passion of Jesus through singing that goes on for days.

Yet not even Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF CHRIST, which enabled me to vividly see the severe physical tortures Jesus went through was able to convince me of following his last footsteps as a model which a mere person like me can take. He was still a God, someone who though experiencing all those pains he had should have had more holiness in him than all of us combined to carry him over his ordeal.

It was only at a latter time when I’ve experienced some rather difficult times that enabled me to really understand. It was a time when I felt so alone. It was a time when I felt that even God had abandoned me.

And then I remembered. I remembered one of the few words Jesus said at the cross, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” And then I realized, that what Jesus went through was real, what turmoil he felt was real as to make him say those words. He who knew his mission so clearly, He who believed He would rise again, He who performed great miracles in the presence of many was able to utter those words. How could he utter it had he not been a man, as real and as born of the flesh as you and me?

He struggled, he really did. It had not been any easier for him. It had not been any less painful. He knew the weight of his cross, he took it, he cried out in pain, and he struggled to carry it to the very end. How did he carry it? Let’s try to walk the path of the cross where he tread.

1. Jesus falls but he perseveres

Feeling all wonderful inside for our God-given mission and deciding to carry our cross that comes along with it doesn’t mean we’ll never encounter any difficulties anymore in carrying it. Along the way our faith may be challenged, along the way this world may wear us down and we waver in our stance. In our weakness we may stumble and fall. At times we fall slightly, at times we fall real hard we don’t know if we could ever get up again. But let not such times discourage us. Let it not imprint in our minds that the cross we carry is heavier than we can bear. Accept that such things happen. And that what matters really is not how hard or how many times you fall, but how you get up and carry on.

2. Jesus gets hurt but he forgives

Jesus was mocked, scourged, spat upon, even nailed! Add to that how he was abandoned by his friends, how he was betrayed, how Peter denied he even knew him. Jesus had all the right to be angry, to be furious at all those people who hurt him, especially with those he called his friends. He had every right to, and I believe he struggled with such feelings that naturally comes upon every man. Yet he didn’t. He decided to forgive.

When I was younger I thought this was only because he was a God, that it was all a sign of his goodness and righteousness. Now I know such an act is not necessarily reserved for him alone. Now I know that this is something I’m being called upon to do not merely to be good, but moreso because this is what’s good for me to do.

The burden of the cross is already enough for you to bear. You cannot carry additional loads with you. Not your grudges, not your anger, not your bitterness. If you are to carry your cross, you must learn to forgive, and unload that burden from your heart.

3. Jesus was in pain yet he encouraged another

All of us carry a cross of our own, but that doesn’t mean we are already excused from showing concern for one another, and from sharing our hopes to those who have none. When the thief asked Jesus to remember him, Jesus never said, “Hey, can’t you see I’m also crucified over here? Can’t you see I’m dying too? Why don’t you mind your own nails and let’s talk about that paradise later when I’m no longer in pain?”

None of those words many of us might have said in disgust. But rather, in the midst of all his pain, thirsty and wounded, drenched with his own blood, Jesus uttered, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.”

4. Jesus struggles to the point of feeling forsaken, but he rises above his feelings and rests his trust upon the Father

In your despair, in times when the diffulties around you seem greater than the flame of hope that remains burning within you, in moments when you can’t even feel God’s presence anymore, believe it or not my friend, but even in such a time, we still have a choice.

We can choose to be angry, we can choose to give up all hope, we can choose to have a soul far darker than the darkness surrounding us. We can choose to go spiralling downwards and sink forever in our misery.

But we can also choose to protect what little hope we have left. Though we cannot change the darkness outside of us, we can choose to have a little light burning deep within our soul. We can choose to cling on to that remaining sign of life in our hearts. We can choose to surrender when we know we’ve done our best and we can no longer carry on. Jesus did. For how can someone who cried out, “My God, why have you abandoned me?” say later on, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit”? How could he have said that to the same God he felt had forsaken him if he had not been convinced God had been there for him all along?

It was a very close call. But Jesus chose life in the midst of darkness. He conquered even death. He was victorious. He rises again and lives!

The cross is real, as real as Jesus himself experienced it. He showed us the way to carry it, thus making the rough symbol of shame and death a true emblem of trials overcome, of light in the midst of darkness and of faith that triumphs no matter what kind of burden we bear upon our shoulders.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gambar2 di Mahua Waterfall Tambunan

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Gambar2 Air Terjun Mahua

Mahua Water Fall Trip ..Sana Tambunan Bah..

Bru-bru ne(1 march) under minor course Pemeliharaan dan pemuliharaan..kami kira2 60 urang pelajar buat field trip di Mahua Water Fall Tambunan..Kami kira2 rombongan pertama dari 200 lebih pelajar yang mengambil kos ne lah.. Kebanyakan Urang semenanjung n sarawak n tawau2 bh..Teda pula kawan sia..ada 2 urang jak kawan sia time tu..Walau Teda kawan tp enjoy tu ada bh ...

Kami dari Kota Kinabalu kira2 jam 2 petang..sampai di Pekan Tambunan kira2 jam 4.30 petang suda.. Sblm masuk di Mahua, Kami singgah di pekan untuk bli barang2 makan sebab makanan adalah tanggung sendiri... So kami berabis bli makanan la..Sya sempat lg bli Anglia(1% alcohol)..Bikin panas2 sana...mau bli beer bh tapi takut orang dapat tau..trus kana marah..nda bagus pla kan...

Dalam Perjalanan ke Mahua Waterfall..jalan adalah baik pada permulaannya..tapi ditengah jalan, tanah runtuh..n jalan becak2 ooo..kin panass tul ne...Kami terpaksa jalan kaki sbb bas tida dapat limpas...Kasut lawa sia pun rusak trus oo kana tanah liat..jadi kasut buruk trus..menyesal tida guna tu "adidas kampung" punya kasut...Oleh Kerana jalan yang buruk tu..kami delay skit lah..lambat sampai di Mahua Waterfall..Sampai pun galap2 suda...

sampai di Mahua Waterfall..kami pun cari tapak khemah masing-masing lah..Ni lah paling susah sebab semua tempat adalah walau basah..kami buat kem juga..Kem kami adalah tepi parit...

Pada malam tersebut..Aktiviti Pertama adalah bugs watching..Malam2 jalan tengah Hutan...Kalau sia perkara biasa sudah bah...Tapi..kalau kawan2 yang lain..semua excited..nampak bugs pun teriak2 .."kin panass malam itu" Bru nampak tu katak2 kicik jak pun teriak2 kunun durang..sbb tidak sangka nampak secara live..sya apa lagi..itu jadi bahan lawak la..ketawa2 ne..

Malam tu adalah malam paling sengsara..sbb time kami tidur..sya tidak sedar air tembus dalam khemah..Basah kuyup pagi2 oo..Mula2 sya ingat sya terkencing..bila sya hidu basahan di seluar..teda pula wangi cam bru sya sedar yang sya tidur bersama dengan air...

Besok paginya, kami keluar pg Bird yang sia suka sebab tutor yang ikut lawa..kami dibekalkan dengan binokular saturang satu apa lagi..kerja sya bukan burung ..tapi teropong tutor ku yang cantik tu..ada lah tempat2 yang kami teropong..ha..ha..

Lepas Bird Watching, kami masuk lagi hutan..skarang mau bezakan jenis2 perkara biasa la sebab sya di kampung tukang kasi rusak sikarang pura2 lah berlakun untuk jadi researcher pasal mempertahankan hutan ne..lawak pula..dulu2 buka tanah untuk bikin kabun gatah tida terfikir pula benda ne..

Sebelum kami balik..kami kena bagi kesempatan untuk terjun di Air Terjun Mahua...Air Terjun tu lawaaa ooo...Amazing ooo...mimang lawa...teda tandingan di Sabah...kamu rajin2 lah tingu gambar dia arr..sikit jak sia uplod ne...