Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcoming Junior Party CSGUMS siri 1

Hallo and Shallom in Christ..
How was your life my friend..huhu..I’m never stopped in fulfilling my life..Last Sunday , 20 July 2008, The Catholic Student Group of UMS, held a Welcoming Junior Party at CSG CENTRE hall (Shatao old school).It was participated nearly 250 student ..Wow..Too was great…
At the beginning, the ice breaking was hosted by me and, gido and Naulah…huhu…Everything was ok, everyone happy, everyone dance, and smiling. I was too active on that time because, I want the participant also active as mad as me…We sang the Fewah-fewah, Allah itu baik,More-more, Hari Ini Ku Rasa bahagia,nyanyi bagi dia, True Generation( CSG SONG), One way, and some other song…forget already. Fuh… It was a grand opening..
After the ice breaking, we were having lunch. AGAPE STYLE. Do you know this? Agape is a latin words which mean, eating lunch or dinner in a group. Each group, have their leader to distribute the food. Huhu..
After the lunch, games lead by sixtus, pong games..i’m not joining them, coz I have another job, at the sound and music section. Huhu..
After that, another section of praise and worship, but not lead by me, but another angel. Huhu..but, maybe they were not well, there was a bit misunderstanding , forced me to be MC for the second time..huhu..but it was OK man..i’m flexible, make the job as easy as I can..huhu…
I was so happy at that time, coz I meet too many new friends, besides, my old friend. I’m so happy knowing them. But I’m bit sad because I don’t have enough time to spend my time to my cute brother..huhu..sorry my brother…both of us busy at that time. So, I know you understand that..hehehe…
Just scroll down for the picture…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Flight from Cebu Philippines to Kota Kinabalu...Kota Kinabalu to Cebu Philippines

hallo everyone, i would like to promote the flight from Kota Kinabalu to Cebu philipines -Cebu philippines to Kota Kinabalu. Huhuh..not really, actually, last friday ( 18th july 2008), i've joined the Sabah tourism Board Event Department for the launching 1st flight from Cebu Philipines to Kota kinabalu and Kota Kinabalu to Cebu Philipines. even so busy at that time, still have time to take picture..haha...The event happened in just 30-40 minutes(shortest event )but it was too busy, and enjoy...i have to run from here to there, take this and take that. Congrats to Sabah Tourism for the excellent job( also to me labah kan..haha).

please scroll down to see the picture...

Monday, July 21, 2008

The batik day....of kos ari khamis la kan..

Just look at the picture..saya tidak terlepas daripada menghormati hari khamis sebagai hari batik...Pasal hari khamis, sia terpaksa bli baju batik... but my batik berbeza daripada batik bos2 ku..huhu...durang punya sponsored punya..sia punya, bili special sndiri....amacam batik sia..lawa ka? huhu..nda bei..memang ok juga pakai batik ne..but yg sia nda suka ne, perut yang boroi ketara..and kana ijik2 ble bikin

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kionsom Waterfall-Aktiviti Hujung Minggu

Hi everyone,
Gembiranya dapat outing sama kawan2 lama. 12 July 2008, kami bikin lagi outing di Kionsom Waterfall..hehehe..memang enjoy la..and seperti biasa, sia sama geng CSG UMS la juga..hehehe