Thursday, February 28, 2013

Now, I'm a Certified Diver!

Hi everyone! It is been a while I didn't write about my life journey inside my blog! I noticed that I posted lots of 'advertisement' here and I forgot the purpose about this blog. So now I will mix it with my personal views, and life experience.

Anyhow, please allow me to share some of my diving experience. I just finished my diving course with Borneo Divers, and now I'm proud to say that I'm a Certified Diver!

At the Borneo Divers site , Mamutik Island. Ready to dive!

I love sea, I love beach, I love environment and I love aquatic's creatures so much.... Not forgetting the hot and sexy babe and boobs along the beach.... You can see it for free! Damn! Just kidding..

I started to love sea when I moved to Kota Kinabalu. I still remember my first experience of snorkeling. I followed my friend's trip to Mamutik Island and I don't know how to use the equipments such as google, life jackets and I don't know how to float in the sea water. Eventhough I don't have basic of all this, but I just keep myself calm. I still remember, that I quietly follow my other's friend the step on how to use the equipment.  I went to the sea water and started to float with the help of the life jackets. Thanks God, It was safe and I started to look what actually inside the seawater. Amazingly, it was like a colourful theme park with the fish here and there and I was so excited on that time. From that day on, I started loving underwater world and always joined my friend to the island.
Box Fish! I'm so excited. I saw this fish at 18m from water surface

Still not enough? I watched lots of underwater documentary through TV Programme, National Geography, Animal Planet and I bought few DVD about it. In addition, some of my friend is a certified divers and they encouraged me to be part of  them.

Borneo Divers! I took the course through Borneo Divers. Even its CEO, MR Clement Lee encouraged me to take the course.

Ok, so I was doing my PADI Open Water qualification with Borneo Divers (biggest and best in Sabah if anyone comes here!). They operate out of Mamutik Island which is in the Tungku Abdul Rahman National Park, a set of about 6 islands and approximately 20 minutes from Kota Kinabalu City by speed boat.
Myself, Cassandra and Oscar at Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty. 

I took the course with 2 of my bestfriend, Oscar and Cassandra. During  the 4 days course, I met with Yee Sing and Yee Ming and another 4 fellows from Kuala Lumpur.  We attended our theory class and I got 92% during the exam. On the second to fourth day, we  did our skills in shallow waters - such as taking off masks and breathing out without our regulator in. Soon enough, we were out on a Reef dive...
Yi Mind and Yi Sing, our diving buddy

Underwater documentaries hadn't really prepared me for being able to swim through schools of tropical fish, invert myself and float with my head inches over coral.

The next day, we completed our open water dives with another 2 reef dives - again I was further struck by the beauty of the underwater world... guess other people who dive will understand a little - I felt very privileged to be able to see these reefs and dive with the various marine life. It is amazing to think that a comparatively small amount of people have ever laid eyes on some of the nature under our waters!
Receiving our 'Diploma' hehehe.. 

Now, I’m a certified divers!  I’m planning to go diving with my friends at Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman Park very soon because I heard that there a lots of beautiful coral reef yet to discover!
Be a diver because it is addictive!

Monday, February 18, 2013

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Ayam atau Telur? Persoalan Terjawab!

Persoalan memang mudah tetapi jawapan adalah amat sukar sekali.. Soalan ini sebenarnya telah membawa banyak pihak yang telah membuat kajian dan salah satu jawapan yang mungkin boleh dipercayai adalah petikan yang dipetik daripada . Sila lihat petikan dibawah;

"Mana yang lebih dahulu, ayam atau telur?" sudah menjadi pertanyaan paling filosofis maupun ilmiah selama berabad-abad, tetapi kini, jawabannya sudah tersedia.

Para ilmuan telah berjaya memecahkan teka-teki tersebut dan pastinya jawapan mereka, adalah ayam.
Seperti dilaporkan, para peneliti menemukan bahawa pembentukan kulit telur bergantung pada satu protein yang hanya ditemukan dalam indung telur ayam; ertinya, telur hanya boleh wujud jika berada di dalam ayam.

Protein yang disebut ovocledidin-17 atau OC-17 bertindak sebagai katalis untuk mempercepat pengembangan kulit telur itu.
Cangkerang keras ini penting sebagai tempat bagi kuning dan putih telur dan para ilmuan daripada Universiti di Sheffield dan Warwick menggunakan super komputer untuk 'zoom in' pembentukan telur tersebut.

Komputer yang disebut HECToR itu mengungkapkan bahawa OC-17 sangat penting dalam proses memulakan kristalisasi atau tahap awal penciptaan kulit telur.
Protein tersebut mengubah kalsium karbonat menjadi kristal kalsit yang membentuk kulit telur. Kalsit kristal ada di berbagai tulang dan tempurung tetapi mereka terbentuk lebih cepat di dalam ayam. Unggas itu mampu menghasilkan 6 gram kulit telur setiap 24 jam.

Dr Colin Freeman, dari Jabatan Teknik Material Universiti Sheffield, mengatakan bahawa, "Selama ini orang ramai beranggapan bahawa yang terlebih dahulu ada adalah telur, tapi kini kita memiliki bukti ilmiah yang menunjukkan bahawa sebenarnya ayamlah yang lebih dulu wujud."

"Protein itu sudah lama diidentifikasi dan diketahui terkait dengan pembentukan telur. Ternyata, dengan memeriksanya secara jelas kita dapat melihat cara protein itu mengendalikan proses pembentukan kulit telur. Menarik untuk diketahui bahawa berbagai jenis spesies burung tampaknya memiliki variasi protein dengan cara kerja yang sama," kata Freeman.

Manakala Profesor John Harding, dari jurusan yang sama di Sheffield, mengatakan bahawa penemuan itu berguna untuk hal lain.
"Memahami cara ayam membuat kulit telur dapat memberi petunjuk menuju rancangan baru maupun bahan baru," katanya.

“Alam telah menemukan solusi inovatif untuk semua jenis masalah dalam ilmu tentang materi dan teknologi dan kita dapat belajar banyak dari alam."

Penemuan itu ditelah diterbitkan dalam makalah "Structural Control Of Crystal Nuclei By An Eggshell Protein".

Tetapi.... adakah telur datang dulu?? sila lihat video dibawah:

Jadi kalau bukan telur, Ayam dari mana???? Kalau bukan ayam, telur dari mana????