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The 90's Toys"R"Us , Rubber Seeds Fight the "Biji Getah"

If you were born in 80's or 90's , then you should know this. When i was in primary school back in mid 90's i used to collect "Biji Getah" besides the road and bring to the school either to sell it or to-so called 'gamble' fight my friends.  Some of you might don't know what is 'Biji Getah'. Let us have a closer look:  This is Biji Getah or Rubber Seed For us, this was our version of Toys"R"Us , where most of the kids back then during my era will play the game during early morning, during recess or after school. It was only for fun or during certain time, it could be a very serious game like a championship where, the last standing with his (or her 😁) rubber seeds after few fights and the rubber seed not cracked will be announced as the winner. Even though, there were no prizes but to be the champion for the championship, it is something to be proud if.  How to play?  Thr game methodology is that a
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Hidden Waterfalls in Gunung Alab Tambunan, Kitomoling Waterfalls

When talking about waterfall in Tambunan, usually we will say, " Oh, Mahua Waterfall". Mahua Waterfall is indeed beautiful and surrounded by pristine nature. Have you ever heard about Kitomoling Waterfall (s)? If yes, good.. If no, then it is the time for you to explore!  Photo: Entrance to Kitomoling Waterfall Kitomoling Waterfall is located just in the heart of the Crocker Range Tambunan, near Gunung Alab Restaurant, about 60KM from Donggongon, Penampang ( via Penampang - Tambunan road). Kitomoling 'Waterfalls' would be more easy to tell you because you will be expecting more than one waterfall. I was told by a friend that there are so many unexplored waterfalls along the river, but let us go straight to the points, the 3 Kitomoling's Waterfall. Please do not go further to find the other waterfalls because you might be lost in the middle of the rainforest. There is no proper trail to go to the other waterfall other than this 3 waterfalls where this w

Things To Do In Tambunan 2020

Local travel Local is an absolute things to do now as the travel industry has started to open. Due to the Pandemic Covid-19 and international borders are still closed, this is the right time for us as local to appreciate the beauty of our own place. From economic side, this is also good for the economic spin, where we can assist the businesses to sustain through quantity with quality. Tangga 1001 Bukit Nenas Kg Libang Ulu There are so many travel and tourism packages offered with a very very affordable price at the moment. Grab it because our time is now. However, we are reminded to always follow the SOPs.  Ranau ( and Kundasang ) and Kota Belud are two hot spots for local to travel. Did you know that Tambunan is another interesting place to visit? Tambunan is a hidden gem of Sabah.  There are so many remarkable things to do in Tambunan.  During my recent working trip to Tambunan, I have personally met with the person incharge of the tourism association of the district, Ms Patricia P.

Adidas Kampung, alternative climbing shoes for Mount Kinabalu Climbing

Adidas Kampung is a generic name for cheap black rubber shoes that can be found in local outlets in Sabah. Being made 100% out of rubber, they are waterproof, easy to dry, and thus ideal for trekking in tropical weather. They gained attention when they were featured as having been used by local climbers to win  Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon held in Sabah. Adidas Kampung is up for anything. They are shoes for jungle hiking. Great footwear for tropical water paddling and they make excellent tropical shoes for river crossing and general camp wear. Why is this shoe called Adidas Kampung? Its similarities to the famed stripes on Adidas shoes earned it the moniker Adidas Kampung, or the Village Adidas. In the Borneo Jungle especially in Sabah, crossing rivers and being drenched by constant rain makes any pair of our normal shoes a nightmare to walk in. This shoes is a very basic footwear but very comfortable. Most of the local communities in the rural areas use this shoes as daily

Things To Prepare For Your Mount Kinabalu Climbing 2020

  Photo @fidelisfrancis  The re-opening of the Mount Kinabalu climbing activities since 16th May 2020 has been good for the domestic tourism in Sabah. However, all climbers are advised to follow the strict procedures of climbing that has been set up by Sabah Parks. Before we jump to the SOPs, below are things to bring or prepare for your next mount climbing activities:  IMPORTANT:  Please get a proper training before climbing the mountain. It is not a joke. You need to be ready mentally and physically! There are so many places that is suitable for training purpose.  So what to prepare?  TIMPOHON GATE TO PANALABAN / PENDANT HUT (Day 1 Climb / Weather: Usually Warm & Sunny) Wear lightweight clothing like t-shirts and track pants. Wear covered walking/hiking shoes with good grip. (Sports shoe is adequate). Waterproof backpack to store your items. (If not, buy a rain cover for your backpack. Try to limit it to less than 6 kg. It would be a burden for you to bring more than that). A sma