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Hidden Waterfalls in Gunung Alab Tambunan, Kitomoling Waterfalls

When talking about waterfall in Tambunan, usually we will say, " Oh, Mahua Waterfall". Mahua Waterfall is indeed beautiful and surrounded by pristine nature. Have you ever heard about Kitomoling Waterfall (s)? If yes, good.. If no, then it is the time for you to explore! 
Photo: Entrance to Kitomoling Waterfall

Kitomoling Waterfall is located just in the heart of the Crocker Range Tambunan, near Gunung Alab Restaurant, about 60KM from Donggongon, Penampang ( via Penampang - Tambunan road). Kitomoling 'Waterfalls' would be more easy to tell you because you will be expecting more than one waterfall. I was told by a friend that there are so many unexplored waterfalls along the river, but let us go straight to the points, the 3 Kitomoling's Waterfall. Please do not go further to find the other waterfalls because you might be lost in the middle of the rainforest. There is no proper trail to go to the other waterfall other than this 3 waterfalls where this waterfall is actually under the care of either Sabah Parks or Forestry Department and the trail properly maintained. 

I am not too sure about the name if the river, but i believe that the waterfall's name was named after the river. So maybe the name of the river is Kitomoling River, however some of my friends said that the river is actually the Sunsuron River. Let us find out the name later. Let us go straight to the waterfall's talk.

The entrance of the Kitomoling Waterfall is located about 500 metres from the Gunung Alab Restaurant. You can park your car at the restaurant car park ( more safe) or just in front of the entrance because there are ample space that can accommodate for more than 10 cars. However, park at your own risk because there is no security guard on duty. 

The distance from the entrance to the waterfalls is about 1.3KM and will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach. The waterfalls are actually in just one area and you can cover 3 waterfalls in a day. 

Please enjoy the pictures below: 
1st Waterfall - Kitomoling Waterfall
2nd waterfall- Kitomoling Waterfall

3rd Waterfall- Kitomoling Waterfall

Going to waterfall is not that hard because mostly are decending, some areas are very steep but still manageable. Just be careful. I would recommend for you to use good hiking shoes or at lease Adidas Kampung. Please check here (click) on the description of Adidas Kampung. Please tae pictures and videos while going down to the waterfall because i bet, you will don't have time to take any photo or video later lols. 

What you expect to see along the trail?:
There are so many wonders you can . For those who love birdings, then the trail is very suitable for you, for those who loves orchids, then you can see so many different species of wild orchids. For those who love bugs, incects and leeches, small wildlife and natural setup of rainforest, yes this is the place for you. 

What to bring: 
1. 1 litre of water
2. Energy food 
3. Packed food ( to eat near the waterfall) 
4. Do you like maggi mee of coffee? yes, bring along ur maggie mee, coffee, and portable stove, the taste is tottaly different over there 
4. Insect repellent
5. Raincoat just in case of bad weather 
6. And anything that you think suitable to bring. 

The beauty of the waterfalls is actually when you are heading back to the entrance where you need an extra effort in term of energy. Why? because.... I will stop right here.. 

Time to explore yourself. You can check my video to know more about this waterfall. Check here: 

Kitomoling Waterfalls ( Click here

Enjoy ☺️


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