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The 90's Toys"R"Us , Rubber Seeds Fight the "Biji Getah"

If you were born in 80's or 90's , then you should know this. When i was in primary school back in mid 90's i used to collect "Biji Getah" besides the road and bring to the school either to sell it or to-so called 'gamble' fight my friends. 

Some of you might don't know what is 'Biji Getah'. Let us have a closer look: 
This is Biji Getah or Rubber Seed

For us, this was our version of Toys"R"Us , where most of the kids back then during my era will play the game during early morning, during recess or after school. It was only for fun or during certain time, it could be a very serious game like a championship where, the last standing with his (or her 😁) rubber seeds after few fights and the rubber seed not cracked will be announced as the winner. Even though, there were no prizes but to be the champion for the championship, it is something to be proud if. 
How to play? 

Thr game methodology is that a rubber seed is held between the thumb and the index finger and placed on top of the opponent's rubber seed. One hand stomps the rubber seed with the aim to crack the opponent's rubber seed. Whichever rubber seed becomes shattered, then it's owner is considered as defeated. 

I uploded video on this in my youtube channel. Please check it out here

Please share your childhood's memories too ya. 

Have a great day! 


Thank you for share!!!
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